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Editor's Daily Note 11/15/19

Daily Note 11/15/19


New meeting time: 7 am Pacific, 8 am Mountain, 10 am Eastern. (And soon, 6 am Alaska) Later today I will go through and update the calendar invites (deleting all that come before … and replacing.) Thank you.


Another busy, busy week. Today … more hearings on Capitol Hill. Next week is Alcatraz. Patty has a coverage outline that she will post on Slack, stories will start Monday. Sunday (perhaps) MA Pember on Indian Child Welfare Act.

One thing from yesterday: Both cover stories involved us directly. That’s usually really awkward, but in this case there were solid journalistic reasons. That’s how it should be. The Roc Your Moc story is fun and we wanted readers engaged … no big deal. And Aliyah opted for an ICT byline instead of her own since her picture was used. (Even on IG people recognized her.) Thanks, I am assuming Jourdan, for fixing the ICT byline. The second story is one that puts me out there. Down the road I want to write more about that election simply because no one was doing it before I started collecting the data. We (meaning I) should not be afraid to say that. I thought the “She Represents” story really caught that data collection idea -- and was handled well. (I actually have an outline for a book on that whole election … when I get time.)

Fundraising campaign should begin today or Monday. We will have links for stories. As Sky said in the meeting yesterday: Put them in the middle of the story. (More than once is ok too.) The video should look very cool.


NAJA is setting dates for the Phoenix conference today. It will be at the Hyatt, I don’t have the exact dates yet but it’s roughly the second week in September. We will have a major presence. One idea would be to work with the student project closely and post their stories in real time. That would be a great experience (and clips) for students. Other things we could possibly do, open up the huddle to the conference (only I don’t know who we will huddle with that week). We are going to have to prepare advance stories, too, since we will all be in demand that week.