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Story conference at 11.

Reporters’ roundtable at noon.


It’s hard to toss out superlatives every day -- but team ICT continues to

produce really strong content at a difficult time. I know we all have

equipment and other challenges (this morning I went to post and my computer

said no memory) but all we can do is the best we can. Thank you for that.

A couple of technical things: Remember to add the tag for the syllabus to

every story. This is a good way for readers to find the data easily.

I have been using:

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(Related story: Indian Country's COVID-19 syllabus)

Second: Don’t forget to put caption information in source (not alt text).


The coffee yesterday was great. We should shoot for a couple of those a week.

For those who missed -- idea is no agenda. Just conversation (and I suppose

coffee) for those who connect.


Yesterday’s data was just south of 14k unique users. That’s getting us back to

near normal since the url change. (Two stories topped that norm, the casino

closure weekend and IHS reports patients.)

It’s worth looking at yesterday’s traffic. Mid-day was (is?) our big

readership driver.