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Story conference, 10 am Mountain. (9 Pacific, 8 Alaska, Noon DC.)

Phoenix (North conference room)


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These meetings are more of a challenge as we grow larger in numbers .. so keep your story pitches brief. (That said: Questions are good.)

First up: We are developing a package of stories on flu/coronavirus … let’s talk about the best way to roll these out for maximum readership, impact.


How often should we use the phrase … “told Indian Country Today”? Or a variation of that. It should be rare. We should not tell the readers we are doing our job; sources are supposed to talk to us. The citation should be reserved for really big stories and those that go beyond the routine.(And we should never cite ourselves more than once in a story.) There is one exception … better for us to cite Indian Country Today if we are protecting a source’s identity. (So if we are wrong … we will pay the price.) That’s better than using unnamed sources. Other uses: An investigation. A complicated data set. A significant scoop. Big ticket items.


Today is the Knight Media Funders conference. A lot of foundations are there talking about their priorities and how to fund media. It’s online if you want a peek … a couple of sessions worth noting. At 3 Eastern, emerging models for journalism. Salt Lake Tribune, Anchorage Daily News are on the agenda. Wed at 8:15 Eastern, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Followed by panels on under-represented (not including Native media, of course) and digital issues.


Still topping 15k on daily unique users; over the past week 108k users, 144k page views.