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Editor's Daily Note 02/20/2020


Mark/Jourdan coordinate Cover stories, posting schedule.

Karen and Sky are in Phoenix today and Friday. If you have items that require their attention -- a good day to bring them up in person or over the telephone.


So our big redesign did not happen. Yet. I can only imagine that a few engineers are going through lines of code looking for a single mistake. Perhaps today. We are ready on our end, anyway.

So “cover” art needs to be 16x9 dimension. High quality. Best practice is darker because the headline will be in white letters.

There should be other stories profiled on the “front page” but the cover will be driven by art. (Then today’s creative execution by Tomas is a good example of what we can do when our art choices are limited. This is, after all, still daily journalism.)


Dalton’s clemency story took off like a rocket this morning. After an hour there were some 16k reach on FB and 115 people a minute were looking at our site. Lots of “why not Peltier” traffic. Others were just interested in the story.

One interesting thing: I looked at a real time map of where people were watching … our idea is posting early in the East coast, before people go to work. But this story had all (literally, all) midWest, West traffic. Not one bubble east of Minneapolis. Fascinating.


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Please update your tag lines. They should be consistent. (And update your links to the fundraising page. It should go to Maven, not to qGiv)

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