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Editor's Daily Note 02/12/2020


Too much news. Too few people. Story of our lives, right?

Message Mark and Jourdan for story lineup, editing.

I was going to post Dalton’s pipeline story this morning … however Maven code issues. We might have to repaste the copy and find out where there is an error. Now set for 5 pm.


New Hampshire sets up a lot of questions. First I think that Bernie Sanders is in a good position to win enough delegates and the nomination. True New Hampshire is a small state … but here’s the thing: Sanders has an army of volunteers that worked and that will only increase as he goes to the next states, including Nevada. No other candidate has anywhere near the volunteers.

Sanders will be in position to win delegates in pretty much every state going forward. (That was Obama’s secret: It’s all about delegates at this point.) Even if he doesn’t quite “win” a state. California is a good example of that. Under the rules a candidate could take second and still get nearly as many delegates as the winner. The count is proportional.

The other candidates are still in this race. But now there are four moderates and two progressives splitting the vote (Elizabeth Warren needs a win, somewhere).

What questions does that leave for us?

We need to be looking for who Sanders will use as a surrogate to Native communities? In the past he had several people that did that.

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Two. Will Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan be a surrogate for Amy Klobuchar? See if she will do an interview about her … that’s a clue. Reach out today.

Three. Biden is saying people of color will energize his campaign. Does that include Indian Country? Who? Where? (and How?)

Four. I have thought for a long time that this year’s primary could result in no winner until the convention. That has not happened since 1960 when JFK won in LA (adding Lyndon Johnson to the ticket in order to get enough delegates to go over the top.)

Candidates need 1,991 delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot.

Reminder: We need to lock down convention travel, etc., this week.


I mentioned this on slack, but last night was a good window into election night and what we should be planning for our next live broadcast. We can start a planning committee and meet regularly on that process. (If a dozen congressional candidates are on the ballot, that’s a dozen locations we need to cover, live.)

Last night there was a lot of media that did that, too. The Washington Post had such a set up. The Hill. Now we have a lot of models about how to make this work better for us.

One thing we can start thinking about is how to “air” this beyond web traffic. Many tribes have closed systems. FNX. We should think about what it will take to build an ad hoc TV network of significance. (All doing what we need to do anyway.)