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Story conference today.

Please update the news budget before the meeting. (I know some folks might be out on stories … no worries, just let me know.)

We will start with Washington and work West. Three questions. What are you working on? When will it be ready (roughly)? And how can we help?


I know this is a pain. But the correct process for photo captions … for inside pictures the process is easy. Just fill in the automatic caption line in Tempest. If it’s a cover photo … then the fun begins. Write what you want published, including credit, in the box labeled source. Make sure to put in enough information that we can search for the photo (in case we want to use again). There are two sources, one is just Source; the other is Source URL. It’s the first one we need. It will be on the page, at least in Tempest. Next step is the pain. After the story is published, copy the caption information and paste again into the caption box (click on the pencil to get there). That should put the actual cutline on the page. I know, right.

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Talk to you all soon …