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Tuesday story meeting, Noon EST / 8 am Alaska


Oscars 7 am

State of Indian Nations, live feed at 10:30 EST Vincent will coordinate livestream.

Budget numbers (compare Trump’s with SOIN)

SOIN Story. When ready. (Who’s writing?)

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5 pm Preview of New Hampshire.


Solid weekend report after a busy week. Don’t look for slowing, though. This week is going to require another E Ticket. (I know … it’s an obscure reference that only old people get. But you can Google it.) Point is this week will be another mad rush to keep up. Long lines.

We should look for issues to follow from SOIN speeches. Look for a way to take what’s said, go deeper, and add context.

NAJA picked a busy news day to release its latest Media Report card. A lot to pick through … a couple of notes. One: “... only 6 reporters were Indigenous-that’s less than 7% (6.89%) of all reporters included in this study. One news organization, Fox News, had reporting by an Indigenous journalist twice, thankfully because they ran her AP stories.” Two. Sourcing. “ of non-Indigenous sources to Indigenous sources were the following, as indicated by data below: ● Fox News: 1.88, for every Indigenous source there were 1.88 non-Indigenous sources; ● The New York Times: 1.64, for every Indigenous source there were 1.64 non-Indigenous sources; 7 ● The Washington Post: 1.4, for every Indigenous sources, there were 1.4 non-Indigenous sources; ● and The Guardian: 1.28, for every Indigenous source, there were 1.28 non-Indigenous sources. ● NPR was the only news outlet in the opposite direction, with 2 Indigenous sources for every 1 non-Indigenous source.”

It may be me, but I am not keen on the idea of a single mention for the NAHA bingo card. News organizations should be writing about these issues, poverty, etc., especially one issue at a time … (just don’t go googly.)


Deadline coming up for reporting fellowship. Details in Slack #contests