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No meeting today (work with Jourdan and Mark on stories).

We have a lot of stories in the cue. This is a good thing. Rolling out this morning mascots and Russian New Year. (And, in theory, results from Iowa.)


The Democrats in Iowa had lots of problems with technology, counting, and really, the story from their caucuses.

We on the other hand were superb. Technology was close to ideal. The count was good. And the storytelling … well Iowa sets a new standard for ICT live. Mary Annette has on air presence, compelling, folksy, informative and fun. Aliyah’s stories were good reads, solid reporting (as was MA’s preview). And behind the scenes, Vincent was making the viewing experience professional. And the planning … lots of planning paid off. Congrats to Patty T and Jourdan in DC.

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In fact let’s all take a bow. From travel logistics to one more meeting … this was a team win.

I have thought since Albuquerque that ICT live is something that we can own. Others can post FB live with shaky phones held up … but we can do a professional report (with graphics) that tells a story, informs, and explains. We did all of that Monday night. (We need a good live logo. In my dream world .. I saw a scroll across the bottom of the frame with other news from ICT. How cool would that be?)

Huge congratulations and a thank you to all involved.


Readership was about normal on our platform, just about 15,000 uniques (that number could grow because the official totals come in at 10 Eastern). On Facebook the live feed had a reach of 20k (about double normal) and 7,000 views, 133 comments, 1,920 engagement (some kind of like). When we get set up with the Teradek we need to do this same thing across multiple channels and then measure the results.

On Vimeo we had 794 viewers. 440 via NewsMaven; 226 unknown; 52 directly on vimeo; 50 on APTN; 18 on Twitter. About double that amount checked in briefly. This also does not count viewing by multiple groups, ie, Cronkite students … about 50 watched first half and the very end.