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No meeting today. Send story notes to Slack and Jourdan and I will go over the weekend lineup.

Shooting the pilot today. Goal is a wrap by 1 pm.

Monday is a holiday -- no daily note. No meeting.

I think we have a good treasury of stories for this weekend. Thank you!

Next Thursday, of course, is our staff training. (We hope to post the syllabus soon. The goal is to be on the same page when it comes to video production with our iPhones.)

We had also planned a team building exercise after the training, but we are going to save that for another time. Still … we have a lot to talk about. So starting with lunch, we will have a general staff meeting. We can pipe in anyone not in Phoenix. Agenda early next week.

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Lots of follow up stories from the Four Directions Nevada Nations Forum. What’s next for Four Directions? Does the meh turnout hurt fundraising? Visibility? IS NCAI satisfied?

Another followup was raised in the story: Mark Charles ballot access. We should be asking which states are being targeted? Did he make the filing deadline everywhere (a lot of states, including Arizona, have early filing deadlines.)

Speaking of presidential campaigns, we are going to partner with Arizona PBS, The Arizona Republic, and the local NPR affiliate, KJZZ, and invite candidates to visit us for a Town Hall forum. Arizona is a Super Tuesday state and there will be a lot of interest. The other twist is that ballots will be dropped her shortly after Iowa. We will get candidates. How will it work? The Town Hall will be in Studio A. The Arizona Republic will organize most of the community participation -- except for the Native community. Arizona PBS will do the broadcast. And the event will have two moderators, me and someone from The Republic.

It makes sense for us to work with partners on this (we are always open for a one on one). We will make sure to have plenty of access along the way.

Patty and I met with the Bloomberg campaign yesterday and they are definitely interested.


AP is picking up Aliyah’s Molly of Denali piece for the holiday weekend.