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1 pm Eastern. Jourdan is running the morning meeting; Tomas, Patty, and Mark interviewing Jeannie Givens for pilot.

Regular meeting Wednesday. (We will look for a quieter room in Phoenix. The cross talk with PBS NewsHour was too much -- when we met early in the morning we were the only ones around.)

Marketing meeting is back to its regular Tuesday schedule.

This week has a lot going on … but we need to find time to talk about Iowa caucus and party conventions. Friday seems to be the best opportunity, before the huddle? Let me know.

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Remember to use full names in headlines. This is different from newspaper style and the reason is Search Engines. We can pick up traffic from people looking for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, etc.

Looking forward to seeing how the second presidential forum works. I wonder if they have a way of measuring traffic, public interest? Can we compare to our numbers from Iowa? (Then again it’s apples and oranges because we went all-in last time.)

The Givens story should set up our pilot and can be a good election story. I have been wanting to do this interview for a long time. Givens was the first Native women to run for Congress -- so for every Sharice or Deb or Denise … it started with Jeannie’s run in 1988.