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Regular meeting.


It’s official: The Washington bureau will move to the DC campus of Arizona State University, likely in February. This will be convenient for Jourdan and Kolby -- across the street from a Metro stop -- and very near the White House, the Department of Interior. (L Street and 18th NW)

I think the best part (in addition to the space) is that we will be able to coordinate coverage with Cronkite News. (A quick question: Are you covering that hearing?) It will also be ideal for video transmissions and two-ways with DC and Phoenix.


Readership in 2020.

When are we the most read? Times? Day? Simple question, right? I thought it would be useful to look at the data for the entire year to learn more about how to answer those questions. And the results blew me away: The data says our top day for readership is Saturday afternoon.

That cannot be. I look at the weekly data and Saturday is always the lowest readership day of the week. Yet when all the numbers are compiled for 2019, Saturday afternoon shows the highest readership.

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Then it hit me: Nathan Phillips. That story skewed everything. (1.7m hits.) So I took January out of the equation … and the results were very different. Our best days are weekdays, Monday through Thursday. And it’s fairly even over time. No one day stands out. Readership drops a bit on Friday and Saturday and starts picking up again on Sunday. Ah. This data fits. On the weekly data reports Wednesday is often our strongest day. But if you look at the averages it’s pretty even Monday through Thursday. Two ways to think about this: Will stronger content bring up Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Of course, yes. But we also need to let people know about the work during the week. One thing I think we can do is spend more time on the headline for the top 10 stories on Saturday. The headline we use now should become a Deck head and we should pick one story to highlight, something that will get another round of readership. Take last week: The headline was ‘

Top 10 Stories: What Indian Country read this past week as of January 4, 2020 … so that becomes the deck. The headline could have been something like, “Clicking past the 2019 stories.” (A top 10 of a top 10 isn’t the best example.) It also could have been a take on the other top stories, a tragic death, Hopi coal.

I also wonder if we would get more readership with one strong photograph instead of the collage we use now. We should test this next week.

Another interesting note from the analytics: We have a number of regular users at midnight eastern (every day) and then a sharp drop off until 8 am eastern. To me that means we can continue with a 7 am post (rewarding those up early) OR we could post the next day’s cover story at midnight eastern. Would that be easier on editors? Something to think about.


Pilot shoot. Jan 13. We will have a live guest, Jeannie Givens. She’s the first Native woman to run for Congress.