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Regular meeting.


We still need to work on our communication. If you are moving a story … remember that breaking news takes precedent. It’s fine to schedule, but if you can’t check Slack, let someone know so we can take the story offline. We had some good stories over the holidays that were bunched up with other good stories … it’s better for readers if we can keep a good flow. On the daily we are still shooting for at least one in three time slots: 7 am EST, Noon EST, and 5 pm EST. This year I think we should experiment and try placing our lead am story late Phoenix time … so no one has to be up early putting it in the cover position.

We also need to better plan the cycle for social media, esp. IG. (Twitter and FB have been fine. But even that could be improved by planning additional tweets and conversations with readers.)

Still it was a good holiday run.

We made it through the holidays … cues are empty. But lots of stories on our “to do” list. Among them:

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Presidential campaign staffing. This piece should set the tone for the year ahead. We are a month away from the first votes in the 2020 presidential election.

Congressional campaigns. We start the year with two candidates for US Senate (in the same state, same Republican primary) and eleven House candidates. Here is the latest list.


Preliminary data from 2019. We had 5.3 million unique users; 6.5 million sessions. Bounce rate was 34 percent (improvement from 56 percent last year). Our bounce rate will always be high because our archives are so useful to readers. People looking for, say, true story of Pocahantas will read that one story and then bounce.

Between now and Monday I’ll write a year-end report with our official numbers.


Lots of prep for board meeting, staff training on Jan. 23.