Watch this Cree Nation 14-year-old solve the ‘Skewb’ in 1.83 seconds

Vincent Schilling

Walter Duff now holds the Canadian national record in solving the puzzle, and he is setting his sights on a world record and the Melbourne, Australia world championships

14-year-old record-holder Walter Duff from the James Bay region of Quebec wowed the crowd last year by solving a Rubik’s cube-style puzzle called the Skewb in a blazing fast 1.83 seconds.

During the competition, Duff was giving 8 seconds to review the cube, then solved the puzzle with a few flicks of his wrist before anyone could even take a breath.

Watch the video here.

Over the April 6-7 weekend, Duff also made it to the podium four separate times at the Montreal Limited Winter 2019 speed-cubing competition. After dong well, he is now setting his sights on the world championships in Melbourne.

"To me it means I'm improving and I'm getting closer to my goal which is a world record," said Duff to CBC News about his competition in Montreal. "It was fun."

Duff said he first tried the cube when he was 10, later he decided he wanted to solve the Rubik’s cube in under 25 seconds. After lots of practice, he solved it in under 15 seconds.

Currently, he and his father Warren are fundraising to get to Melbourne, Australia’s World Cubing Association Championships in July.

Duff and his Dad
Walter Duff (left) and his father Warren. (Photo: Facebook)

Duff and his father have also set up a YouTube page.

The champion cubist says he is thankful for all the support he has received from family, friends and members of the Cree Nation. "I wouldn't have gone this far without all that support. So thank you everyone," Duff said to the CBC.

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Drew WaepewAwaehsaeh
Drew WaepewAwaehsaeh

Wow,Awesome Job Walter!!!