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I had the awesome opportunity to test out the power-packed Google Pixel Buds, specifically the A-Series.

Holy moley, these things are awesome.

Here is my review.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

9.5 out of 10

My quick quote: “The Google Pixel Buds are quite simply … awesome. Clear and rich sound, easy to use and set up, extremely comfortable and come highly recommended”

So, this week I am writing a product review. I have long been a fan of Google Pixel products and have reviewed the Pixel phones. I have even covered a powwow with a Pixel phone with exceptional results, in my opinion.

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How the Pixel Buds sound

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

I have tried just about every type of audio device and brand out there from Bose to Samsung to $5 specials at the local Big Lots, but I truly have to say the Pixel Buds are at the top of my list for rich, clear, vibrant sound. I just absolutely love them.

Admittedly not just for the buds themselves, I love the soft texture of the oval case with a flip top and recharging ability.

Controls and calls

Taking calls and listening to music with controls are seamless with a simple tap, you can answer the phone, listen to the next song or skip ahead to the next video. One super cool feature is if someone wants to ask me a question, I can just take out one of the buds and the sound will automatically pause. Sensors adjust to busy sounds, and no one has complained about not being able to hear me on a phone call.

My only critique is figuring out the adaptive sound as sometimes I am not sure if the sounds adjust to an environment. In other words, if I am listening to music, sometimes I want to be sure to hear if someone calls my name. But this seems counterintuitive to the reason for ear buds in the first place.


According to Google, they base the fitting of the Pixel Buds based on scans from thousands of ear hole shapes. I have to admit, the Pixel Buds are super comfortable.

One small note is that If I am listening while lying down, I can’t lay on my right or left side for too long. But by saying this, I admittedly feel like I am being really picky. And out and about, I could wear them likely all day as they fit comfortable, yet snug. There is a spatial vent as well. They are also sweat and water resistant, so great to have on a rainy day or for workouts.

A mind-blowing feature

An amazing feature of the Google Pixel Buds is that when you are connected to your phone via bluetooth, you can ask your Google assistant to help you speak to someone in a foreign language or translate the words they are saying.

I haven’t tried it with another person, but I have said a few words in Spanish to try it and it works freakishly well. Like, I feel like I am in the future. 

Hey Google, how about Native languages? Any developers out there? 

Google Pixel Buds A-Series with case


Currently the Google Pixel Buds are $99 at the Google store with free shipping, enjoy! In my view, they are very much well-worth it. 

P.S. I am looking forward to the Pixel 6 smartphone.