I have always loved dogs. I’m a dog person for sure, though I still love cats. And when the news of the Westminster Dog Show agility winners started hitting social media, I was thrilled.

Winky the Bichon Frise got me started

Here is the ultimate video of Winky the dog participating in the agility contest. For the record, Winky got 92 errors, and may not have won, but this is one of my favorite videos I have seen on Twitter.

If you watch this video before you see any others, you might ask “what’s the problem?” That’s what I said anyway. But the top scorer, Verb managed to complete the course in 32.05 seconds, so let that be a bit of a reference point.

So Winky the dog created a Twitter account as the video of Winky’s performance went viral. As it should. I watched Winky’s video more than a few times. And when I saw the Twitter account, I immediately followed.

Here are a few tweets we exchanged … awesome! I am also proud to say I was Winky’s first Twitter follower.

Next comes Rudy the Bulldog

The Fox Sports headline of the YouTube video says it all … “Watch Rudy the Bulldog crush the 2019 WKC Masters Agility course | FOX SPORTS.”

And honestly, I did not expect to see what I saw … check it out. Rudy is 100% awesome.

Who woulda thought?

Verb kills it

It wasn’t until I saw Winky’s and Rudy’s performances that I actually Googled the winning performer of the Westminster Dog Show and saw that it was Verb the Border Collie. Holy Moley, Verb BLAZES through the course and gets an astounding 32.05 seconds.

Check it out.

Verb captures 2019 WKC Masters Agility Grand Champion title | FOX SPORTS

As far as the rest of the dog show, I am not really familiar with any of the dog show terminology. But King, a wire fox terrier took home the biggest honors.

King took home the top prize. (Photo credits: Jack Grassa / Westminster Kennel Club)

King took home the top prize. (Photo credits: Jack Grassa / Westminster Kennel Club)

You can check out more info here:


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