A “Positive Tweet Day?” Sure, why not. Monday is considered by many to be a gloomy day, so I say, “Let’s do it.” This upcoming Monday, join me in promoting #PositiveTweetDayMay6.

So often, people can be cranky, grumpy, gloomy and just overall fussy. Social media is a place for personal expression no doubt. But to me, things seem a bit over the top in terms of negativity so I thought I would add some positivity into the mix.

My 52nd birthday is on May 6th. How great is that? I find my birthday extremely exciting and admittedly like many of the people I know in my life, I actually enjoy getting older. We are here on a journey and every day is different.

Sure I may not leap out of bed like I did when I was 16-years-old, I feel pain in my lower back after a long day, and sometimes my right shoulder bugs me. But literally, as I typed this, I laughed out loud with appreciation as to who the Creator made me. I’m 52, (almost) and I love that I am this age.

Things happen, we get older. I am happy about that. But the trade-off for a few aches and pains is amazing. I have learned so much from the people in my life. I have traveled to Native nations all over the U.S. and Canada, talked with nationally-known artists, sports stars, politicians, been in the White House, I’ve been invited to cover a story at the vice president’s house. I have been married for almost 22 years to the lovely Delores.

These are gifts you don’t have as a young person. Every aspect of your life is filled with gifts related to that period you are living.

My life has been incredible. And even in the midst of great struggle, there are things to recognize as positive.

So all said, I am asking you to join me in sending out your uplifting tweets on #PositiveTweetDayMay6.

For me, I am dedicating the entire day to tweeting positively. For you, I would LOVE it if you could join me.

But for those who like a specific time period, join the hashtag rush at 2 pm est to 3 pm est using the hashtag #PositiveTweetDayMay6.

See you there!

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