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Happy Mother’s Day! Yes, I am late this week as I usually post on Friday … but I did it for the moms.

Of course, this article is not necessarily for mom as much as it is an article for the reader who might want a few ideas that won’t break the bank.

Mom’s are awesome and they deserve to know they are special. And of course, I am talking about all kinds of moms. Check out my Mother’s Day article:

Happy Mother’s Day wishes from Indian Country Today – All types of moms included.

So, it’s Mother’s Day and perhaps you want to do something special but haven’t yet planned anything. Perhaps you don’t have any funds, or not a lot. Here are a few things you can do for mom on the cheap, but graciously, are loaded with love.

Here are nine things to get for mom on her special day.

Leave mom all alone

When is the last time mom had a day by herself? Take the kids, uncle Lou, cousin Lauren etc. etc. all out of the house to give mom some precious hours to herself. Ask her how long she needs and get everyone out of her hair for a little while to allow mom to reboot.

Take her to get a manicure

A manicure averages about 15 bucks, you can even let her soak her feet and get a pedicure if she wants. It’s a little bit of pampering that won’t break the bank, but she will feel like a princess for a little while.

Take mom on a picnic

It’s easy to take mom to lunch or breakfast at a diner or restaurant, however, It is special to choose some of mom’s favorite snacks and sit and talk for a while on a picnic. A little extra gesture on a personal level is pretty special. If the weather is bad, have the picnic at mom’s house if she wants.

Do the dishes, wash the car or other household chores

Easy right? Taking some work off of mom’s hands to let her breathe for a bit is a bigger gift than you might realize. Mom does a lot of picking up after us and never get as much thanks as they deserve.

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Make a photo collage with all those pictures in your computer

You have hundreds, if not thousands of photos that mom has very likely never seen. Print out a bunch of fun photos and put them in a multi-photo picture frame or even on a corkboard for mom. She will love these.

Help mom create a social media account

If you help mom create an account and follow all of her friends, family and more, she will be able to see the latest funny posts. Even if she is not active, she can see what family and friends are up to on her computer or phone keeping her included.

Play a board game with mom

Remember these? When is the last time you played Monopoly? Of course, the young kids out there probably have no idea what I’m talking about, and yes, UNO comes in cards not just on a smartphone. But a game is conversation and interaction.

Fix her computer

Give mom’s PC or laptop a boost with some of the tips in my recent article:

#NativeNerd column: 5 steps to take when your computer slows down. In order to let mom have the best, help her get rid of annoying pop-ups she might have allowed, remove one of the 12 virus programs she likely installed on top of each other and much more.

Go to a craft class or paint pottery together

There are now classes and craft type stores where you can decorate pottery, paint paintings or other activities. Have fun!

As ICT’s Lisa J. Ellwood said to me when I was writing this article: “The simplest gestures make the greatest memories.”

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