#NativeNerd column: 10 funny, adorable and awesome animal tweets and videos

Vincent Schilling

You can call me a big nerd if you want to, but I love animals, what can I say?

Anyone who knows me or has listened to my Native Trailblazers radio show knows that I love animals. I name the geese families that hang out around the lake outside of where I live. I am literally a ‘goose whisperer’ in that the meanest geese never come at me angrily.

My neighbor once remarked that the really mean goose was nibbling grass at my feet, unconcerned that I was so close.

I love ducks, cats, dogs, especially the little ones. My wife Delores got me started with chihuahuas and once we got one, I was hooked. It’s funny, because the toughest, meanest looking dudes would always walk up and want to pet my dog. When they asked me if I was embarrassed to have such a little dog, I told them, ‘no way, I love this little dog more than anything in the world.” At that moment, the tough guys seemed to relax, as I had given them permission to drop their tough guy bit for a moment. They would pet my dog and smile, and usually say something like, ‘well, you are right, she sure is sweet.”

The past few weeks have had a lot of pretty strong and emotional news. So I have decided to lighten things up a bit and post a few tweets that have a video that truly made me smile.

From a completed chilled-out squirrel to a snow-sliding dog, to a dancing pigeon — Here are a few animal tweets to make you smile.

A very relaxed squirrel!

This dog knows how to enjoy the snow!

The amazing dancing pigeon

The squirrel with the most amazing nut in the world

The cat watching a scary movie

A horse with a rubber chicken

A chicken makes his mark

Watch out for the giant black bird

Roll doggie roll

You can make it little guy! I took this video about a year ago. It’s the little goose (gosling) that never gave up!

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David Hollenshead
David Hollenshead

Vincent, my cat is only twice the size of your chihuahua, but she thinks she is a cougar.....