Native Nerd column: ‘The Ultimate Powwow Vehicle’ might be found at an RV show

Vincent Schilling

Check out my tour of RV Vehicles big and small that I embarked on last Sunday. These RV’s were surprisingly affordable.

So last weekend I attended an RV show in Hampton, Virginia. My wife Delores was the person who suggested I go. My wife and I have thought about getting a small RV for a while and had even toyed with the idea of getting one of those large vans known as a Roadtrek, but we paused to consider options for a bit.

Enter the Virginia RV Show in Hampton Roads. It took place March 8-10 at the Hampton Convention Center.

The "Tiffin" has a diesel engine and is made by Mercedes. About 700 a month for 20 years, about 12 miles to the gallon and a full mini-house inside. More in my video below. (Photo: Vincent Schilling)

So I looked around for a little while, was amazed at how much stuff these RV’s can cram into a relatively small space, and then realized it would be a great story to share with Indian Country Today.

I have been to powwows too many times to count and have often chuckled at my Native brothers from drum groups telling me their travel stories of cramming into a hotel room, having one of their cars break down or any other series of stories that make you shrug with how tough travel can get at times.

So I thought to myself, “why don’t these ten or so guys consider an RV?”

Sure there are pluses and minuses, and event though purchasing an RV might seem cheap at an average of about $600 a month (from what I saw at the show) — when you buy an RV, you finance it like a home, so the $600 is for 20 years. So unless your group is staying together that long, it might be a stretch to pitch in 60 bucks each for 20 years.

Enjoying my day at the RV Show as seen in my video. (Photo: Vincent Schilling)

Renting is also a possible option. I didn't get any rates at the show, check with a local RV dealer.

But then again, maybe one guy might want to buy one, then the group can share expenses during powwow season. This could work in a lot of ways if you are creative, have decent credit and want to travel.

Families traveling to powwows could also really benefit from an RV.

I talked to super-friendly folks and salespeople that did seem to enjoy the magic of owning an RV. 


That said, here is my Twitter / Periscope video of my time at the RV Show! Enjoy!

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David Hollenshead
David Hollenshead

Seriously, avoid the self​f-propelled​d RVs and complicated van conversions. GTRV's Westy model is great, as are a few others like pleasure way. Quality used trailers are a better buy than a large complex self-propelled​ RV. Remember if it breaks out in the field​, can you repair it ???