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Indian Country Today is celebrating the contributions of Native America with a series of features. Follow the hashtag #NativeIn2019

Mariah Gladstone, Blackfeet and Cherokee, grew up in northwest Montana and traveled to the Big Apple to further her education. The aerialist received her environmental engineering degree from Columbia University. She then founded Indigikitchen when she returned home.

The Center for Native American Youth recognized her as a “Champion for Change,” the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation saw her as a “Culture of Health Leader”, and she is also a Grist 50 “Fixer.”

The Native Youth Food Sovereignty Alliance board member shared what it’s like to be Native in 2019.

"Being #Nativein2019 means navigating systems built by colonization while recognizing the resilience that brought us to this point,” she said. “Not only can we succeed in institutions that were never intended for us, we do so with a multi-millennia ancestral foundation on this land. We are at a point where Indigenous communities are healing and restoring knowledge systems that will guide us into the future."

Join Indian Country in November, Native American Heritage Month, as we celebrate being #Nativein2019.

Native in 2019. Native American Heritage Month 2019.

About Native American Heritage Month and Native American Heritage Day

President George H.W. Bush signed a joint resolution in 1990 designating November as Native American Heritage Month. Each year the president has proclaimed the day after Thanksgiving as Native American Heritage Day. 

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