‘Last Christmas’ is a romantic comedy that should be on everyone’s must-see movie list

Vincent Schilling

#NativeNerd Movie Review: Starring the fun-spirited Emilia Clarke as Kate, Last Christmas is a ton of fun, with a few twists and turns and a welcome tribute to George Michael.

In full disclosure, I wasn’t in the mood to go see this press preview. It’s only the beginning of November, and the last thing I wanted to start doing was initiate the celebrations of embodying the spirit of the Christmas season. 

But Last Christmas delivered.

Last Christmas

I am grateful I decided to put away my Ebeneezer Scrooge spectacles and take a chance. It was a great decision to get me started in the Christmas season.

Last Christmas was an adorable, funny, light-hearted and more than pleasantly surprising early gift for Christmas. I absolutely adored it. And as evidence may have served for any of you that have read my past reviews, filled with action-packed, bullet-flying adrenaline-filled films, I have to say, this film was a welcome respite from so much continuous intensity.

Last Christmas stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, a young woman in England who had to flee the country of Yugoslavia with her family to stay safe from a certain war. She was not healthy as a child but is doing much better in the present-day film’s narrative.

She works at a Christmas store by day and auditions for theatrical productions at night. She struggles to succeed, and in a quest to get herself settled, must jump from one friends couch to another, and then she meets the quirky light-hearted young man Tom Webster, played by Henry Golding.

The interactions are fun, playful and sincerely funny.

There were also many moments of genuine heartfelt conversations, which pulled on my heart-strings and I grew to invest in the welfare of the characters.

I cared about what happened to them all.

Emma Thompson plays Kate’s mother, an overprotective Yugoslavian immigrant, who struggles to find her place in the country of England, where hostilities continue to run-high toward anyone who is not an English person.

I felt Thompson took a little while to find her character, perhaps she laid it on a bit thick with her accent, causing her to walk the line between stereotype and authenticity, but she eventually found her way, and her character became one of the funniest people of the film.

I can’t really explain much of the story as I risk the chance of revealing spoilers. But there are amazing surprises, heartfelt interactions, and real moments so profoundly sincere, I found myself wishing I had brought a handkerchief. Yes, I cried, quite a bit, luckily I had my sweatshirt for my alligator tears.

Last Christmas is a fun feel-good film that I am extremely happy to have seen.

It is very family-friendly with a bit of mature topic language, but not too terrible by any stretch. This was a great film, and after all, is said and done, I have to admit it served as an enjoyable catalyst to get me into the holiday mood. You can also sit back and enjoy a lot of great throwback songs by one of my favorite late artists, George Michael.

So go grab your most festive or in my case, ugly Christmas sweater, and definitely go see this movie. It is a lot of fun.

Release Date: November 8, 2019

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cast: Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson

Director: Paul Feig

Story By: Emma Thompson & Greg Wise

Screenplay By: Emma Thompson and Bryony Kimmings

Producers: David Livingstone, Emma Thompson, Paul Feig, Jessie Henderson

Executive Producer: Sarah Bradshaw 

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