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This past weekend’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by Chance the Rapper, who also served as a musical guest and sketch acting guest. The artist brought the house down with laughter as Native Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa came onto the set with a surprise cameo during a sketch.

Chance the Rapper played the part of Judge Barry, a Chicago judge that hands down instant verdicts based on his immediate impressions. 

The segment is handled admirably by Chance the Rapper, but the sketch reached a high point when Jason Momoa came onto the set playing a ‘dumb gigolo and at-home nurse'” who is accused of theft.

Kate Mckinnon plays the old woman who claims Momoa stole from her, to which Momoa responds, “She stole from me first.” 

When Judge Barry asks what the woman stole from Momoa. he answers, “My heart.”

Momoa and Chance the Rapper go back and forth exchanging words through huge laughs from the audience as well as appreciative hoots for the Aquaman star.

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In the course of the sketch, Momoa eventually exposes his chest showing the old woman’s stolen earrings, which are strategically-placed on Momoa's nipples.

Watch the video sketch here, which already has over 1.8 million views on YouTube.

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