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Vincent Schilling
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UPDATE: After researching casting schedules for Marvel, there are strong indications that these two roles might be for Black Panther 2. This has not yet been confirmed.

The Walt Disney Company is looking to cast two Indigenous actors for an upcoming Marvel project.

The details have not yet been revealed, but representatives at two major casting companies have shared some description notes.

Sarah Finn Casting, responsible for feature film projects like “Avengers: Endgame,” “The Mandalorian” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and Carla Hool Casting casting company known for “Coco,” “Narcos” and “Selena: The Series,” are looking for two Indigenous actors to play Mayan characters.

Professional acting experience isn't required, and although the characters are reportedly Mayan, the actors do not have to speak Spanish, according to the companies.

The companies also state, “while the characters are Mayan, we welcome submissions of actors from all North American and South American Indigenous backgrounds.”

The casting company representative is asserting the importance of the physical prowess of each character in terms of muscularity and athleticism. So likely the characters are of the superhero or supervillain persuasion.

The casting companies ask that anyone auditioning for the roles “must be comfortable traveling on a plane to the United States” and If cast in the role, the actors would work from April to November.

The character descriptions being cast are identified as follows:

CADMAEL – Male, 20s-40s, Mayan. 6’0” (1.8m) or taller. Powerful, strong, loyal warrior and formidable presence. Any fight or stunt experience is a plus.

ZYANYA – Female, 20s-40s, Mayan. Fierce, cunning, a great warrior. Physical training or fight/dance experience is a plus.

Black Panther II?

As indicated above, Black Panther II, which starred the late Chadwick Boseman, is currently set to begin filming reportedly according to "The Hollywood Reporter" this July. Casting efforts for the film are also in the works. So though the casting companies have not confirmed the name of this particular project, there is a strong likelihood these characters could be for Black Panther 2.

According to "Murphy's Multiverse," "The timing of this casting matches Black Panther II upcoming production start in July. There was also the rumor that Namor and Atlantis might play a role in the upcoming sequel, so, we may get to visit other cultures that are hiding from the outside world."

Interested in auditioning? Here’s how.

The submission process from the casting companies:

Please record a short video where you introduce yourself and state your name, height, and talk about any athletic, physical, dance, or stunt experience you have. You’re welcome to speak in Spanish or English, but please introduce yourself in English if at all possible.

Videos can be sent to:

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