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Native American Heritage Month (US)

Nov 1 - 30

Veterans Day

Nov 11

Native Veterans Procession and Dedication 

The Smithsonian is honoring the exceptional military service of Native Americans in a formal dedication of the National Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The dedication and processional will honor American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian veterans and their families. The procession and ceremony will also be livestreamed.

This two-day dedication of the National Native American Veterans Memorial includes performances by musical artists, presentation of colors by the Native American Women Warriors, hands-on activities, films, and a veterans hospitality suite.

Music throughout the day: Shawn Martinez (Diné), aka DJ Tribal Touch; Charly Lowry (Lumbee/Tuscarora) and Alexis Raeana (Lumbee); The Aloha Boys (Native Hawaiian); DDAT (Navajo); Wade Fernandez (Menominee); Akwesasne Women Singers (Mohawk); Innastate (Various Pueblos); Morongo Bird Singers (Morongo Band of Mission Indians); Spencer Battiest (Seminole of Florida); Keith Secola (Ojibwe). For films see listings below.

Film programs include two feature films and a program of short works

Navajo Code Talkers: A Journey of Remembrance Feature documentary. US. George A. Colburn. Follow the return of six Navajo code talkers to the five Pacific Island sites where their unbreakable secret code, based on the unwritten Navajo language, helped US forces overcome Japanese expansion in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

The People’s Protectors Feature documentary. US. Director: Leya Hale (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota, Diné) Four Native American veterans reflect on their experiences in the military during the divisive Vietnam War and how their communities helped them carry their warrior legacy proudly.

Short Films

Cree Code Talkers (dir. Alexandra Lazarowich (Cree); Gene Boy Came Home (Alanis Obomsawin (Abenaki)); A History of Service (Tracy Rector); Ka Ho’I (The Return) (Director: Mitchell Viernes, Writer/Producer: Lopaka Kapanui (Kanaka Maoli)).

Read: “A New Warriors Circle of Honor at the National Native American Veterans Memorial” by John W. Haworth, on ArtsBlog, Nov 7, 2022.

First Americans Museum
Making History Project

Nov 11-12. Free. In-person at FAM in Oklahoma City

First American veterans and active military who are enrolled citizens of the tribes in Oklahoma are invited to participate in First Americans Museum’s Making History Project. Families of veterans may participate on behalf of their loved ones. People are invited to bring a portrait and up to four service documents to be scanned and added to the searchable veteran database in OKLA HOMMA.

Festivals, Screening Series

9th Biennial Vision Maker Media Film Festival | “Together”

Last day! Nov 13 Free. Most of the films selected this year remain online on the VMM website until Nov 13. “Together,” the theme for this year’s Vision Maker Media Film Festival, refers to our collective immersion into Indigenous stories. The festival has offered over its 5 weeks approximately 30 outstanding Native American and Alaska Native films.

History/Native American Heritage Month
Indigeneity: What Do You Call Us? | Diversity | Stereotypes Alexis Benten (Unangan/Yup’ik), Jade Begay (Diné, Tesuque Pueblo)
What Was Ours  Mat Hames. The story of how a young journalist and a teenage powwow princess, both of the Arapaho tribe, traveled together with a Shoshone elder in search of missing artifacts in the vast archives of Chicago's Field Museum.
Standing Bear’s Footsteps Christine Lesiak, Princella Parker (Omaha) The story of Chief Standing Bear, who went to court to prove he was a person—and in the process redefined what it means to be an American.

Hemispheric Institute at NYU
Smithsonian’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Indigenous Cinema ’22 | “Images to Postpone the End of the World”

Nov 11-28. Free with registration. Online at HemiTV, a portal available on all platforms and devices. 

On the last three weekends in November, NYU's Hemi Institute and Smithsonian's Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage are presenting their annual Indigenous Cinema Film Series online at HemiTV. Curated by Amalia Córdova. Registrants will receive a link to access the films once the event starts. 

Week 1/Semana Uno: Fri, Nov 11, 12 noon EST - Mon, Nov 14, 12 midnight.
 Four new and recent short works.

Ixim Ulew (Guatemala. dir. Tzutu Kan (Tzutujil Maya) and Daniel "El Suchi" García) 13 years of Mayan music, 13 years of resistance. A vacina/The Vaccine/La vacuna (Brazil. Benito Miquiles (Saterê-Mawé), Mauricio Torres) Sateré-Mawé warriors prepare a ceremony before retaking some traditional lands. New York, just another city/New York, petei tetã ve rive (Brazil/US. André Lopes, Joana Brandão) Young Guaraní Mbyá filmmaker and leader Patricia Ferreira responds to museum exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History that purport to represent peoples in her region. Tiam/The Return/El retorno (Ecuador. Eriberto Gualinga (Kichwa))  In February 2020 in the face of both floods and Covid-19, one family in Sarayaku village  is filmed by Kichwa director Eriberto Gualinga when they decide to go deep into the jungle for their protection.

Week 2/Semana Dos: Fri, Nov 18, 12 noon EST - Mon, Nov 21, 12 midnight.
Four new and recent short works.

2050 (Colombia, Jhon Jota (Nasa)). Jota, known in Colombia as “el Indio de Rap” offers a song that tells an apocalyptic tale.Seed Mother: Coming Home (US. Mateo Hinojosa and Rowen White) In Quechua and Mohawk. A poetic embodiment of the Indigenous Seed Rematriation movement. ᎠᏍᎦᏯ ᎦᏅᎯᏓ" (Long Man) (US. Joseph Erb (Cherokee)) An animation takes a cultural look at the importance of water to the Cherokee people and people in northeastern Oklahoma and the Cherokee Nation. Shash Jaa' (Bears Ears) (US. Angelo Baca (Diné/Hopi) The filmmaker and his grandmother work with the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition (Navajo, Ute, Ute Mountain Ute, Hopi, Zuni) efforts to convince the Obama administration to make this extensive area a designated National Monument with a co-management plan working in partnership with these tribes.

Native Cinema Showcase 
National Museum of the American Indian

November 18–25. Free. Online. Some films have limits on amount of viewers and require registration.

Feature films

Bootlegger Narrative feature. Canada, 2021, 81 min. Caroline Monnet (Anishinaabe/French) Registration is required and is limited to 800 viewers. For Mature Audiences: Contains coarse language and brief nudity. Two radically opposed women divide their community into two sides over the free sale of alcohol, confronting each other to determine the best path to independence.

Daughter of a Lost Bird Documentary US. Brooke Pepion Swaney (Blackfeet/Salish) An adult Native adoptee reconnects with her birth family, discovers her Lummi heritage, and confronts issues of her own identity. Preceded by SŪKŪJULA TEI (Stories of My Mother) and Nahasdzáán (Earth).

Imagining the Indian: The Fight Against Native American Mascoting Documentary. US. Aviva Kempner, Ben West. Registration is required and is limited to 1000 viewers.A comprehensive examination of the movement to eradicate the words, images, and gestures that many Native Americans and their allies find demeaning and offensive.

Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy Documentary. Canada. Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers. An intimate portrait of survival, love, and the collective work of healing in the Kainai First Nation in Southern Alberta, a Blackfoot community facing the impacts of substance use and a drug-poisoning epidemic.

Portraits from a Fire Narrative. Canada. Trevor Mack. A coming-of-age tale about inherited trauma, family, acceptance, and defiance.

Warrior Spirit Narrative. US. Langston Dyksterhouse. For Mature Audiences: Contains triggering scenes of rapid weight loss. A shocking exposé on the extreme weight-cutting measures motivated by the UFC

In Memoriam

A Conversation with Jeff Barnaby, Mi'kmaq (1976–2022) A conversation with Blood Quantum film director, Jeff Barnaby, recorded for Native Cinema Showcase 2020.

Short Film Programs

Emergence Shorts Program  Stories of how the past can help us navigate an uncertain future.

Future-Focused Shorts Program  Family-friendly short films that are fun for kids of all ages.

Rise Above Shorts Program  These shorts focus on the realities of rising above adversity and learning life’s lessons.

Twisted Tales Shorts Program  Shorts that invite viewers into spooky, creepy, and unfamiliar tales from an Indigenous perspective.

Hawaii International Film Festival

Nov 3-27. Tickets. Online

Last day! Nov 13 Online in US only

Kapu Sacred Hawaiian Burials Feature documentary. US. Keoni Alvarez. As a child, Keoni Kealoha Alvarez stumbled upon a secret cave which contained iwi, the sacred bones of Kānaka maoli from generations past. When Keoni’s district became the target for developers who sought affordable property on the island. Faced with a powerful, wealthy outsider who threatened to plow through the cave near his home, Keoni began the fight for his heritage and, ultimately, his legacy within the tradition of protecting his land for his people.

Nov 14–27 Online in Hawai’i only

Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon Feature animation. Brazil. Jose Zelada, Richard Klaus. An Indigenous environmental film for all ages. Ainbo lives in a village in the deepest jungle of the Amazon. After the death of her mother she finds she must fight to save her paradise against greed and exploitation by illegal miners. And she also struggles to reverse this destruction and the impending evil of the Yacaruna, a darkness that lives in the Amazon. Guided by her mother’s spirit, Ainbo is determined to save her people’s land before it’s too late.

Nov 14-27 Online in US only

Ka Pō Narrative feature. Hawai’i. Etienne Aurelius. Prods: Chelsea Winstanley, Mojean Aria, Etienne Aurelius. In the mountains of Kauai, a drug addicted native Hawaiian woman, Nanea, is living with her mother. On the night of her mother’s funeral, she reaches a breaking point and flees into the surrounding forest, escaping into midnight. Now on the run, she encounters a the mythical Yahdella who sends her on a soul-searching journey.

Three Short Films | World Premieres. Online in US only. Past. Future. Forward: The Making of a Hawaiian Videogame Jason Edward Lewis, Prem Sooriyakumar. With multilayered interplay between language, cultural practices and new technologies, this follows a workshop designed to teach Kanaka Maoli youth how to draw upon their storytelling traditions to make a videogame. Ke Kahea: An Invitation into Sacred Space Justyn Ah Chong. After receiving a kahea (calling) from ancestral lineages on Maui to create kapa for unearthed iwi (skeletal remains), cultural practitioner A’ia’I Bello extended the kahea to her circle of women in the community. The Last Rodeo Liz Barney, Alison Week. As a direct descendant from a long line of Paniolo, or Hawaiian cowboys, La’i Bertlemann grapples with whether to accept a full-ride scholarship to a big university on the mainland or stay home in Hawai’i to study her culture and spend time with her aging Grandfather.

In-person and Hybrid

National Museum of the American Indian
Imagining the Indian

Sat, Nov 19. Free. In-person at NMAI in Washington, DC.

Imagining the Indian: The Fight Against Native American Mascoting Feature documentary. US. Aviva Kempner, Ben West. A comprehensive examination of the movement to eradicate the words, images, and gestures that many Native Americans and their allies find demeaning and offensive. The film takes a deep-dive into the issues through archival footage and interviews with those involved in the fight. The psychological research is clear, the use of Native American mascots is detrimental, not only to Native people, but to marginalized groups everywhere.

Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On

Nov 11-13 Tickets. Hybrid. Nov 11, 13: In-person in NYC. Sat, Nov 12: Online

US Premiere Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On. Canada. Madison Thomas. Feature documentary. Canada. Folk singer-songwriter turned activist and philanthropist, Buffy Sainte-Marie’s 60-year career includes winning the first Academy Award for an Indigenous person, the first internet album, and an FBI file. Q&A after the screening on Nov 11 with Executive Producers Rebecca Gibson and Peter Raymont

Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival 
Daughter of a Lost Bird

Nov 14-27. Tickets. Hybrid. Mon, Nov 14. In-person at the Pickford Film Center, Bellingham, WA. Nov 17-20 and Nov 24-27: Online.

Daughter of a Lost Bird Documentary feature. US. Brooke Pepion Swaney (Blackfeet/Salish. An adult Native adoptee reconnects with her birth family, discovers her Lummi heritage, and confronts issues of her own identity.

New York University
Department of Nutrition and Food Studies

Tues, Nov 15, 7 pm EST. Free with registration. In-person at NYU in New York City. 

Gather Documentary. US. Sanjay Rawal. An intimate portrait of a growing movement amongst Indigenous Americans to reclaim their spiritual and cultural identities through obtaining sovereignty over their ancestral food systems, while battling against the historical trauma brought on by centuries of genocide. Discussion follows with the filmmaker and Andae Romero-Briones, Native Agriculture & Food Systems at FND/First Nations Development Institute.

Pocahontas Reframed Film Festival

Nov 18-20. Tickets. In-person at Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond

Feature Films

Wildhood Narrative. Canada. Bretten Hannam (Mi’kmaq). A young man and his younger brother take off in search of their Mi’kmaq mother, and encounter another young man, Two-Spirit, on a path to self-discovery.

End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock Documentary. US. Shannon Kring. A group of Indigenous women risk their lives to stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline construction that desecrated their ancient burial and prayer sites and threatens their land, water, and very existence.

Bring Her Home Documentary. US. Leya Hale (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota, Dine) Follows three Indigenous women--an artist, an activist, and a politician--as they fight to honor MMIWG, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Rez Metal Documentary. US. follows the story of the Dine group I Don’t Conform, and tells the compelling story of the heavy metal scene on Navajo reservations.

New: Art is Culture, Culture is Art Documentary. US. Nathaniel Fuentes. The life, career, and contributions of the award-winning fashion designer and co-founder of the Institute of American Indian arts, Lloyd “Kiva” New (1916-2002)

Osage Murders - Reign of Terror Documentary. US. Dan Bigbee, Lily Shangreaux. An historical documentary focusing on the events on the Osage reservation in the 1920s when predatory outsiders began murdering Osage people to seize their wealth from the rich oil reserves found on Osage lands.

Big Crow Documentary. US. Kris Kaczor. ON Pine Ridge Reservation, the death of star basketball player SuAnne Big Crow has had continuing impact, but pride in her story continues in the community and helps galvanize their fight to reclaim language and continue culture.

Call Me Human Documentary. Canada. Kim O’Bomsawin (Abenaki) An anti-colonialist story about revitalizing and preserving Indigenous languages, history and culture, following Innu writer and cultural activist Joséphine Bacon as she shares her reflections and stories.

Healing Across the Waters: The Huna Tlingits’ Journey back to Glacier Bay. About the evolving relationship--sometimes painful, sometimes joyous--between the Huna Tlingit, the National Park Service and the landscape of Glacier Bay.

Short Films

Peace Pipeline Comedians and activists Gitz Crazyboy and Tito Ybarra pose as an Indigenous energy company sharing plans to reroute Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline through wealthy white suburbs of Duluth, MN--with shocking and hilarious results.

K’ina Kil: The Slaver’s Son Jack Kohler. During the Gold Rush young Natiave girls were being kidnapped and forced into sex slavery. In this story a young man whose mother was a slave sets out to free the girl he loves, who has been captured by slavers, and must fight the men that captured his own mother.

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Runs Through Their Blood Canada Helen DJ Pyette (Anishnabe) The intergenerational effects of the residential school system, and a documentation of the children’s untold stories.

Long Line of Ladies Rayka Zehtabchi, Shaandiin Tome. The story of a girl and her community as they prepare for her ihuk, the once-dormant coming of age ceremony of the Karun tribe in northern California.

First Landings Federico Cuatlacuatl, Ethan Brown. The shared colonial historical narratives of North American Indigenous communities in Canada, US and Mexico and non-western cinema.

Saging the World Instead of healing, the appropriated use of sage in many current forms of popular culture is having a negative impact.

Indigeneity Beyond the Southern Border Curated by Federico Cuatlacuatl, Professor. University of Virginia. Vaychiletik Mexico Juan Javier Perez. Through his dreams José received a gift given by the gods, a gift that had brought him consequences.

3 Days, 3 Years Mexico. Elena, a Txotzil woman in Chiapas is appointed a municipal trustee by an almost entirely male community assembly, which begins to open up significant questions about gender in the community.

Timekeepers of the Anthropocene: Tolchikaulistli A Mayan word for existing in two worlds, in past, present and future, to be a cultural nomad.

Ayoungman The tragic story of the racially motivated murder of a much loved 24-year-old hockey star and champion pow wow dancer from the Siksika Nation.

Gakaabikaang: Indigenous Voices in the Twin Cities Riots of 2020 A story of Indigenous people and communities in the Minneapolis metro area after the documented police killing of George Floyd, featuring the voices and images of Indigenous people in the midst of one of the most destructive acts of civil unrest in U.S. history.

Darren Thompson: Native American Flute A Native American flute player and educator from the Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Reservation.

Dues Michael R. L. Begay. Focus on Bobby “Dues” Wilson, a Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota actor, poet, visual artists and a founding member of the 1491s and writer for FX’s Reservation Dogs.

More Events

Book Discussion with Raven Heavy Runner. Reclaiming Two-Spirits: Sexuality, Spiritual Renewal & Sovereignty in Native America by Gregory Smithers. Foreword by Raven Heavy Runner (Blackfeet).

Reading from The Seedkeeper. With author and former executive director of the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance, Diane Wilson (Dakota)

Staged Reading: The 4th World This 4-episode science-fiction/fantasy television series in which key historical figures talk through some alternatives to the way history--their history--has been portrayed. Characters include Pocahontas, Joseph Brant and others. Host: Shelley Niro (Mohawk, Six Nations). The other readers are ElizaBeth Hill (Mohawk, Six Nations), Darlene Naponse (Anishnaabe) and Jordan Wheeler (Cree, Ojibwe, Assiniboine, Irish, English, Scottish).

Sneak Preview: “Gift of Fear” from On Native Ground with Jack Kohler, Carly Kohler, Koli Kohler, Michael Horse,Sam Bearpaw

16th LASkins Fest

Nov 15-20. Nov 15-17: events and workshops.
Nov 18-20: Screenings. Tickets. In-person at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood

The festival opens with a gala party, workshops, pitch sessions, a Native Youth media workshop weekend, with screenings beginning on Nov 18. On Nov 20 the festival also hosts the third annual Hollywood Powwow.

Feature Films

Lakota Nation vs. United States Documentary. US. Jesse Short Bull, Laura Tomaselli. The film chronicles the Lakota’s quest to reclaim the Black Hills, sacred land that was stolen in violation of treaty agreements. A searing, timely portrait of resistance, the film explores the ways America has ignored its debt to Indigenous communities, and ponders what might be done today to repair the wrongs of the past.

The Girl Scout Murders Documentary. US. Faith Phillips. Faith’s attempts to get law enforcement to look at her evidence get a major boost with a US Supreme Court decision, and a new review of the Girl Scout Murders is set to begin. Her goal is achieved, but she finds that her journey into this tragedy is far from over when she is contacted by family members of original suspect Gene Leroy Hart, who are willing to break the silence they’ve maintained for four decades and are ready to reveal long-kept secrets.

Short Film Programs. 70-90 min each, are being screened on Opening Night and in 9 additional programs.

Red Nation Film Festival

November 9-29. Tickets. Hybrid. Nov 9-20: In-person at Lumiere Cinema in Beverly Hills. Nov 20-29: VOD on Red Nation Television Network (pay TV service)  

Wed, Nov 9 Opening Night A Love Song Max Walker-Silverman. Starring Wes Studi, Dale Dickey. At a campground in the rural West, a woman waits for an old flame from her past.

Feature films

Powerlands Documentary. US. Ivey-Camille Manybeads Tso (Diné) A young Navajo filmmaker investigates displacement of Indigenous people and devastation of the environment caused by the same chemical companies that have exploited the land where she was born. On this personal and political journey she learns from Indigenous activists across three continents. Filmmaker in attendance.

On Sacred Ground Narrative. Rebecca Tickell, Josh Tickell. Starring William Mapother. With Irene Bedard as Mary Singing Crow and David Midthunder as Terry.  Inspired by real events, the film follows Dan, a war vet journalist who suffers from PTSD. Hired to go to North Dakota and cover a confrontation around an oil pipeline that is being built at the Standing Rock Native American Reservation. Dan soon finds himself making a series of impossible choices that will alter his life and the future of America itself.

New: Art is Culture, Culture is Art Documentary. US. Nathaniel Fuentes. As Indigenous fashion continues to demand the attention of the world stage Lloyd ”Kiva” New’s influences and contributions in contemporary Native American Art, fashion, and entrepreneurship have impacted generations in the United States and Canada.

Older than the Crown Documentary. Derreck Lamere. Documents the trial of Sinixt Ceremonial Hunter Rick Desautel, charged with illegal hunting on ancestral lands. This is a legal right for tribes in Canada and US, except for the Sinixt, who have been declared by the Canadian government as extinct. This episode led to a legal victory and a precedent for other Native tribes struggiling for reconciliation with their homelands..

Seven Ridges Narrative. Mexico. Antonio Coello. In a desert by the sea, an ancient culture endures toxic modernity. A grandmother and her granddaughter intertwine in estrangement over memory. The myth sheds controversy; time falls in dreams of sand, old songs and rock music. First full-length feature drama to be produced in Cmiique Iitom (Seri language).

A Winter Love Narrative. US. Rhianna Yazzie (Diné). Blue is a 35 year-old Navajo singer-songwriter, struggling in Minneapolis’ bleak winter. Her creativity seems to be hibernating, thanks to a series of awful relationships and the general mood of the season. But when she meets Eddie, a 25 year-old Lakota man, and law school dropout, he could be just the tonic for her winter blues. But Eddie’s a complex person, so complex, in fact, that the two of them may end up searching for something that will end their romance.

Catch the Fair One Narrative. Josef Kubota Wladyka. A former champion boxer (Kali Reis) embarks on the fight of her life when she goes in search of her missing sister.  

Oyate Documentary. Brandon Jackson, Emil Benjamin. In the wake of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, Indigenous people across the nation are shedding light on the wide array of injustices facing their peoples and embarking on an energized activism.

Garifuna Indigenous Film Festival

Day 1: Nov 12. Tickets. In-person at the Harmon Gold Theater in Los Angeles. The festival continues into December with exact schedule TBA.

Feature films on Day 1 include:

The Wind and the Reckoning David L. Cunningham. The real-life story of a Native Hawaiian ranching family that defies the newly established colonial government and faces down American mercenaries rather than have their freedoms callously ripped away. For the first time in a feature film, the Battle of Kalalau unfolds through the eyes of the islands’ indigenous people as they take a stand against oppression.

On the Ridge Ishma Valenti, Denis Paul Circo. An inspirational story focusing on the success and triumph of the Oglala Lakota people in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
A look at the amazing programs, customs, and people that are making positive change on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

In-person and Online

Field Museum 
Native American Heritage Month Celebration

Sat, Nov 12. Free with museum admission. In-person in Chicago

A celebration throughout the museum featuring Native American cultural performances, story tellers, and more include

  • The newly opened exhibition Native Truths: Our Voices, Our Stories
  • Local Indigenous artist and Native Truths collaborator Norma Robertson host a beadwork demonstration in the Science Hub
  • Pop-up presentations from Native American artists, performers and scholars throughout the exhibition
  • Warriors Legacy Dance Group will be performing alongside Oka Homa Singers
  • Unique Smoke Dance demonstrations from Oneida Dance Troupe

Eiteljorg Museum 
Artist in Residence: Karen Ann Hoffman

Nov 11-20. Nov 12: Members event and public workshop on Haudenosaunee Raised Beadwork in-person in Indianapolis.

Nov 18, 12 Noon: Artist’s Talk Online. Preregistration required.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History
National Youth Summit on Democracy
“The Longest Walk and American Indian Activism in the 1970s”

Tues, Nov 15, 7 pm EST. Free. Online

This is the first webinar in the 2022 National Youth Summit civic education series. It features the case study on American Indian activism in the 1970s to address the question, "What happens when all or part of your identity is not included in the narrative of U.S. democracy?" For more information, visit NMAH’s National Youth Summit webpage


ATALM/Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums
Lifetime Achievement Award

John Haworth (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) has been honored by ATALM as “an individual whose lifetime career work significantly contributed to the preservation and understanding of Indigenous cultural heritage”. He is the Senior Executive Emeritus of the National Museum of the American Indian, and was responsible for program at the NMAI George Gustav Heye Center in New York City. 

John Haworth has served on numerous civic and cultural organizations committee and boards, and currently serves on the Boards of AFTA, CERT+, and as an advisor to the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. For 14 years he was on the faculty of New York University, and has published and lectured frequently on topics relevant to museum, culture, and human rights issues. Haworth is the Project Director of the Native Arts & Culture Councils Project, a 2-year project funded by the Ford Foundation, administered by ATALM.

Anonymous Was A Woman Environmental Art Grant

Kaitlin Bryson’s Bellow Forth is a multispecies, multidisciplinary, community project located in the American southwest focused on restoring soil health and environmental resiliency through art, ecosystem science, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and community action. Project collaborators include Katilyn Beidler, Beata Tsosie-Peña (Santa Clara Pueblo), Dylan McLaughlin (Diné).

2022 American Indian Film Festival | Award Nominations

Go to AIFF website to see the 2022 festival’s complete program of 17 screening programs

Best Feature and Best Director

  • Rhianna Yazzie for A Winter Love
  • Jules Arita Koostachin for Broken Angel
  • Jason Brennan for L’inhumain
  • Myles Clohessy for The Redeemer

Best Actress

  • Rene Bedard for The Redeemer
  • Rhianna Yazzie for Winter Love
  • Sera-Lys McArthur for Broken Angel

Best Actor

  • Asivak Koostachin for Broken Angel
  • Samuel Tremblay for L’inhumain
  • Brian Watson for Winter Love

Best Documentary Feature

  • Elsape: Facing the Music Sophie Proux-Lachance
  • Indianland Liz Irons
  • Powerlands Ivey-Camille Manbeads Tso
  • The Doctrine of Recovery Brišind

Best Documentary Short

  • Bill Reid Remembers Alanis Obomsawin
  • Founders Scott Faris
  • Malruit Vincent L'Hérault & Tim Anaviapik Soucie
  • Long Line of Ladies Revka Zehtabchi, Shaandin Tome
  • The Trail Before Us Fritz Bitsoie

Best Live Short

  • Burros Jefferson Stein
  • Call Me AWOL Geordie Trifa
  • Conviction Bruce Miller
  • Dead Bird Hearts Ryan Red Corn
  • Mistik Jules Arita Koostachin
  • Nxaxaitkw Asia Youngman
  • Seeds Morningstar Angeline, Ajuawak Kapashesit
  • The Faraway Place Kenny Welsh
  • The Red Orchid Montana Cypress
  • The Shadow of Rougarou Jordan Waunch

Best Animated Short

  • Arctic Song Germaine Arnattaujug. Louise Flaherty. Neil Christopher
  • I Am the Warrior Tara Audibert
  • Meca Ritchie Norman Hemphill & Ryan Edward Haché
  • Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics Terril Calder
  • Things You Know but Can’t Explain Michelle Hernandez. Chantal Jung
  • When the Earth Began: The Way of the Skydwellers Jason Edward Lewis

Best Music Video

  • History James G. Pakootas
  • Music Hits Justin Stephenson