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For the month of November, many colleges and universities, publications, state history museums, and other cultural institutions offer in-depth programming and activities about American Indian and Alaskan Native contributions and issues and enjoyment. Offerings are online as well as in-person. Some are for students only, others available to the public. Here’s a sample.

The Picture House
Film Studies for Adults: Native American Cinema
Online Nov. 4, 11, 18, 7 - 8 p.m. ET.

A special opportunity to learn from great teachers (and major creators) in Indigenous film. This online course, offered by The Picture House in Pelham, New York, is taught by Bird Runningwater, former director, and Adam Piron, acting director, of Sundance Institute’s Native American Program.

“Images of Native Americans have been prevalent in American cinema since the late 1800s, but more often than not, these images were produced without consultation or guidance from Native people. Distinct cultures of different tribes have been flattened into stereotypes, and non-Native actors have often been cast in roles as American Indians. First Nations activism starting in the 1970s has helped push forward dialogue about Native communities, and filmmakers from those communities have worked to take control over their media images. Contemporary First Nations filmmakers are working to redefine Indigenous identities on screen, capturing the complexities of their experiences and presenting new ways of telling their own stories.” The course enrollment is $75/$67.50 for TCH members.

National Museum of the American Indian


Native New York
In-person with digital lessons. NMAI New York, New York.

This new exhibit explores the question “What makes New York a Native place?” encompassing12 places that introduce visitors to the Native nations that call the region home, stretching from Long Island through New York City and on toward Niagara Falls.

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Stretching the Canvas: Eight Decades of Native Painting
In-person. NMAI New York, New York
Nov. 16, 2019 - Jan. 2, 2022

Drawing from the NMAI’s rich permanent collection, this new exhibition presents nearly 40 paintings that transcend, represent, or subvert conventional ideas of American Indian art.

15 Best Books by Native American Authors to Add to Your Bookshelf” by Lizz Schumer, "Good Housekeeping," Oct. 28, 2021

Stanford University

“Imagining Justice: American Indian Tribal Laws of Criminal Responsibility” 
Online. Nov. 5, 12 - 1:30 p.m. PDT

Scholar Elizabeth A. Reese (Tewa) and Yurok Chief Judge Abby Abinanti discuss the application of tribal law and criminal responsibility.

Ohio University

Sovereignty is Sacred: Sharing Our Rights and Cultures
Online. Nov. 2, 7:00 p.m. CDT

Dr. Anton Treuer, professor Ojibwe at Bemidji State University, will speak as a guest of the Ohio University Division of Diversity and Inclusion. Dr. Treuer is the author of 19 books and the editor of the "Oshkaabewis Native Journal," the only academic journal of the Ojibwe language. He has received more than 40 prestigious awards, including ones from the American Philosophical Society, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Bush Foundation, and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. Topics discussed will include cultural appropriation, land acknowledgement, and changing sports mascots. The online event is free with registration via Microsoft Teams. Ohio University’s Multicultural Center has been celebrating Native American History month for over a decade.

Colorado State University

Oct. 27 - Nov. 11

Live online event - passed. Wednesday, Oct. 27.
Keynote speaker: Author Joshua Whitehead (Pequis First Nation)

Online. Wednesday, Nov. 3, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. MDT

Panel: “Indigenous People, Tribal Sovereignty, and Climate Adaptation” 

Indigenous researchers and tribal leaders in a discussion of how land grant universities like CSU can partner with tribal communities to address the impacts of climate change. Presenters will include Ernest House, Jr., Ute Mountain Ute, of the Keystone Policy Institute, and CSU faculty Dominique David Chavez, Arawak Taíno, from the Dept. of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship, and Lindsey Schneider, Turtle Mountain Chippewa, from the Department of Ethnic Studies.

In-person. Thursday, Nov. 4

The Indigenous Kitchen. Special on-campus dinner. Dinner menu will include Carved sumac smoked salt rubbed turkey breast, Three Sisters rice pilaf, roasted vegetables, pumpkin soup, and Huckleberry ice-cream.

In-person. Tuesday-Wednesday, Nov. 9-10. Native American lunch specials

In-person. Wednesday-Thursday, Nov. 10-11

Screening with discussion: "Home from School: The Children of Carlisle." Panelists include Jordan Dresser, tribal chairman and associate producer; Yufna Solider Wolf, former director of the Northern Arapaho Tribal Historic Preservation Office; and the film’s director, Geoff O’Gara.

University of Michigan - Native American Studies

She’s Gone Missing (The Epidemic You Don’t Hear About): Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
Online. Thursday, Nov. 18, 7:30-8:30 p.m. CST

Heather Breugl discusses the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women, with its high numbers and scant attention from the Federal authorities. The talk explores the issues and the reasons for the lack of attention from non-Indigenous America. Free with registration.

Nov. 2 - Nov. 9

46th American Indian Film Festival

Online - November 5 - 13

Films in the festival go on-demand Nov. 5 for the duration of the festival, and are available for 24 hours once you begin watching. Feature documentary and narrative films and programs of short films on themes--comedy, landback, history is a weapon, from earth to sky--give an indication of the breadth and depth of this festival’s programming. The festival’s awards will be in a free online program that is online for the entire festival. Tickets to stream the films are ordered directly through the festival’s online catalog.

Feature films include:

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"Brother, I Cry" narrative director Jessie Anthony
"Dancing Through" documentary director Anika Syskakis and Madelaine McCallum "Indian Road Trip" narrative director A.W. Hopkins
"Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy" documentary director Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
"Portraits from a Fire" narrative director Trevor Mack
"Run Woman Run" narrative director Zoe Hopkins
"Savage Land" documentary director Campbell Dalglish and Dr. Henrietta Mann
"Sooyii (Creatures)" narrative director Krisztian Kery
"Spirit to Soar" documentary director Tanya Talaga and Michelle DeRosier
"The Corruption of Divine Providence" narrative director Jeremy Torrie
"Warrior Spirit" documentary director Landon Dyksterhouse

Short films include:

"Dear Friend" director Trevor Solway
"Guardians of the River" director Shane Anderson & Swiftwater Films
"Indigenous Dads" director Peter Brass
"Mary Two-Axe Earley: I Am Indian Again" director Courtney Montour
"Nalujuk Night" director Jennie Williams

HIFF 41/Hawaii International Film Festival

Nov. 4 - 28

In-person in Hawai’i and online variously in Hawai’i, the West Coast region, the US or international.

The films listed here are online starting Nov. 4 through the end of the festival, with a few later start dates as noted, and with where each title is available to stream. Tickets and passes are available online.

Indigenous features-narrative and documentary

In-person. "Night Raiders" director Danis Goulet
Online-Hawai’i. "From Earth to Sky" director Ron Chapman
Online-West Coast. "Araatika! Rise Up" director Larissa Behrendt
Online-US. "Daughters of the Waves" director. Sébastien Daguerressar, Lisa Monin
Online-US. "Food for the Rest of Us" director. Caroline Cox
Online-US. "High Tide, Don’t Hide" director Niva Kay, Emily McDowell, Nia Phipps, Phil Stebbing 
Online-US. "James & isey" director. Florian Habicht
Online-US. "Manzanar Diverted: When Water Becomes Dust" director Ann Kaneko
Online-US. "Off Country" director John Harvey, Rhian Skirving
Online-US. "The Art of Incarceration" director Alex Siddons

11/10. Online-US. "The Island In Me" director Gemma Cubero del Barrio
11/15 Online-Hawai’i. "Catch the Fair One" director Josef Kubota Wladyka
11/15. Online-US. "Love & Fury" director Sterlin Harjo
Online-International. "Pau Hana Years"

Shorts programs with Indigenous films

Online-US: Teine Sā: The Ancient Ones (supernatural anthology)
Online-US. Pacific Showcase shorts

11/10. Online-US. Made in Hawai’i shorts
11/10. Online-US. "Reel Wahine of Hawai’I" includes portraits of Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Joan Lander, Meleanna Aluli Meyer

Livestream: HIFF Talks on Indigenous Media

"Love & Fury" with Sterlin Harjo

"Kin Theory: Indigenous Media Connections across Pasifika and Beyond" 
"The Panthers" Panel Discussion

Native Spirit Online Festival
Oct. 12 – Nov. 20
Online worldwide or in UK. Purchase tickets.

From the Native Spirit Foundation in London, a global Indigenous film festival offers more than 80 films from 60 First Nations worldwide, plus live cultural events and online panel discussions. Some of the programs have been curated by filmmakers from Quechua, Hoopa, Cree and Inuit communities, including curated programs focusing on youth film production organizations like Wapikoni Mobile in Canada and others.

For film descriptions and the schedule for the 6-week long festival go to the website. With a few exceptions the works may be online in UK only or international. For any that are geoblocked that information is included in the film’s synopsis. Check the website for updates of this information. The Festival Pass is $30 for each month. Individual tickets $7 (suggested donation), subject to film availability.

Free worldwide. Now through Nov. 20 Bawaadan Collective Shorts: "Mâmawi Nikamowak (They Sing Altogether)." Canada “Formalized in the Spring of 2019, the Bawaadan Collective (in Ontario) quickly began to self- produce our own Indigenous content; modern, contemporary content. As the scale and scope of each project grew, we have continued to explore and expand our membership to incorporate new skills and relationships. Each new member has been an asset to each of the projects and works to support our future work. We envision a group of like-minded Indigenous artisans and accomplices who seek to continually develop our collaborative approaches to modern artistic, storytelling and film production processes.” - Collective’s Statement

Mâmawi Nikamowak is a Web Series produced by Bawaadan Collective throughout 2020 and 2021--21 artists and 25 short films. The works being presented are a selection of shorts from this larger collection. The screening is followed by a webinar/artist discussion. This program is presented in cooperation with the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and its new exhibition, Beyond The Binary: Gender Sexuality Power.

Worldwide. Nov. 7-14 "Mahaha; Gnawer of Rocks; Giant Bear"

Regional Europe, and US. Nov. 7 "The Boys"

In UK. Oct. 30-Nov. 2 "Abducted"

In UK. Oct. 31-Nov. 3 "Zombie Infection-Belaban Hidup"

Nov.5. Short films including "The Fourfold," "Happiness," "Keemooch"

Upcoming Film Festivals in November

DOC NYC, Nov. 9 - 18

LA Skins Fest, Nov. 16 - 21

Ethnographic Film Festival of Pará, Nov. 16 – 21

Pocahontas Reframed Film Festival, Nov. 19 - 21

Art of the Real NYC, Nov. 19 - 21

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