Halloween always stirs a scare in Indian Country

Vincent Schilling

Forget the vampires or ghosts; it’s the cringe-factor costumes. And will the Ellen Show visit Sunchild school’s haunted house?

Halloween is here.

As Beaux Beauty Blog creator Renee’ Unangax (Alaska Native) and St’at’imc (First Nations) writes in her recent blog post, “It’s the time of year many Native Americans absolutely dread - Halloween.”

Renee’ says she loves the vibe, but it is the cultural appropriation she says that “brings the negativity.

There's plenty going around to support Renee's claims.

You likely missed this one

Just in time for this year’s Halloween, Instagram had a major gaffe that made its way on, then off social media nearly undetected. 

At the beginning of October, @treatysix on Twitter reposted a tweet of a Native headdress Instagram filter. @treatysix wrote, "Great job @instagram appropriating culture just in time for Halloween. #NativeTwitter"

After many reports, the filter was quickly removed.

The same thing happened earlier this year on Tik Tok and the company also quickly removed it and apologized.

Look great don’t appropriate

Here are some favorite non-appropriating costumes this Halloween.

Tristan’s mom Steph, Tlingit from Alaska, posted this one wearing his best Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog. We all know the sound of those rings getting captured by Sonic.

Of course who isn’t admiring this cuteness of peanut butter and jelly? Karen Lyons, aka @Daboom, told Indian Country Today, that it is fun to see costumes, but can sometimes be disrespectful. But who doesn’t love PB &J?

Native ally Jessica Hood shared her thoughts on costumes via Twitter.

“I grew up with “Halloween” as a deep part of our very UK/Ireland heritage. As to costumes, I’ve been things, like a tree or a cheese...our tradition is to carve a pumpkin in the US or turnips; leave baked goods outside. The idea of native peoples as costumes are abhorrent to us.”

SkyriverMojo showed us little black cats can be respectful when donning a tiny pair of bat wings.

Cheryl R on Twitter showed us two great images of her grandson as a pumpkin baby and … wait for it. Freddie Mercury. That’s a win in our book.

@PrimitiveApostate shared a great image of her daughter as a silver-haired futuristic robot, writing, “My avi is my daughter's costume from 2 years ago. I love Halloween when respectful. I used to not celebrate because I didn't want any part in "colonizer holidays" but having kids made me see it and approach it a bit differently.”

Hey Victor!

Best costumes ever.

Hey Ellen Show

CBC News correspondent Colleen Underwood posted a story on Oct 29 about the senior high school students of at the Sunchild First Nation School who invited the Ellen Show producer Andy Lassner — known for getting spooked by haunted houses that the Ellen Show sends him to — to come and get scared at their haunted house.

Students - Ellen show
Screen capture CBC News - Colleen Underwood

The school’s teacher Kjeryn Bateman said the Haunted House has done great things for the kids and got them out of their shell.

The students even posted a video asking for the show to visit their school.

Tansi Ellen DeGeneres and Andy Lassner!

Enjoy the holiday Indian Country.

Look great, don’t appropriate.

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