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In celebration of April Fools’ Day, we thought we would compile a few fun ideas to give you to pull on family or friends for a bit of harmless fun. Though we do warn all the Native men out there that Native women are experts at prank revenge. You had best tread carefully.

That said, here are a few fun and some Native-style April Fools’ Day pranks to pull on your family and friends.

Tell them it’s “wear your regalia to work day” or that you are having a “wear your regalia” party at Applebees tonight, or it's regalia celebration discount day at WalMart

The idea is to have them show up in regalia all by their lonesome. You could also say that Walmart is having a regalia celebration discount day or that the local library is having a Native Heritage event. Make sure to bring your smartphone for photos.

Hashtag #VincentSchillingAtIndianCountryTodayGaveMeTheIdea

Switch the cereal bags

Nothing funnier than watching a puffy-eyed half-asleep youngster pour out cereal and it’s the wrong kind. The “heyyyyyy…” is a nice bonus too.

Slap a “Please honk at my Rez Car and wave, its April Fools Day!” sign on your loved one’s car.

Make sure to get ample photos as they drive away shortly before the honking begins, of course.

Pull the “Is Bobby Firecrow there?” phone prank

This will take a little bit of preparation but have about 5 or six friends call the prank victim all throughout the day using an unfamiliar phone so that they don’t know who is calling. Have each person ask, “Is Bobby Firecrow there?” Or use any other name you want. When the victim has said no for the umpteenth time, have one last person call at the end of the day and ask: “Hello this is Bobby Firecrow, do I have any messages?”

Swap the salt with the sugar - put it near the coffee or tea

This is an easy classic, with great results. Have fun and post the reaction on social media. Score!

Change the television language to German or some other language

Of course, this might also be a bit of a prank on yourself, because navigating your way back might be troublesome, but worth the laughs.

Pull the ‘can you look for the powwow flyer I had in the third drawer?” and have them search the whole house prank

This prank can be downright mean, but delicious. Call your loved one in a frantic state, tell them a respected elder is sitting in their car literally waiting to start driving to a powwow where they are going to be the guest of honor. You told them you would promise to bring the powwow flyer with specific directions, and hotel information that only you had written down. You forgot the flyer at home, you need that information RIGHT NOW. Thus the entire house search begins. You can send them to creative places to look. Make sure and have a friend record the moment, including the moment when you say, “Oh wait, it was in my pocket the whole time!”

Flip their computer screen

Just hit Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow and woohoo!! It doesn’t work if you have multiple monitors, but lot’s of fun on a laptop.

Covertly stop all digital movement

Put a piece of tape on their remote control sensor or underneath their computer mouse.

Change all the clocks 30 minutes ahead - especially their phone

Adjust the time and act like they are going to be late. Don’t say anything. Let them get to work or school early. Laugh like a hyena.

Wake them up by telling them that there is an eagle on the hood of their car

I don’t know of anyone who would be able to resist this bit of information. And they will probably rush out of bed because they do not want to miss a once in a lifetime moment gifted to them by the forces that be. Except, no eagle, just your laughter at their mad face.

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