April 22 is Earth Day. So while most of us are still in some sort of reduced interaction with the rest of the world, there can be special ways to celebrate Earth Day from the comfort of our own homes and with our families.

Here are some cool and fun things you can do to honor our Mother Earth on her special day.

Plant a tree

It seems simple enough, but one small tree can make a huge difference. I remember a small tree outside of my window a few years ago that was a few feet high. It is now probably 25 feet tall and massive. It’s home to a few squirrels, and does a lot of work turning C02 emissions back to oxygen.

Start a garden

Go get some seeds and get started - or even a few small plants at your local store. If you have a yard, designate a small plot and plant a few seeds, or perhaps even some organic or heirloom varieties of vegetables. If you have a condo or apartment, you can grow small herb gardens or even one or two plants like tomatoes or hot peppers.

Watch Rutherford Falls on Peacock TV

Rutherford Falls stars Ed Helms and Jana Schmieding, Cheyenne River Lakota

Watching a TV show may not scream Earth Day, but hey! Rutherford Falls, a show with a huge Native cast, Ed Helms and tone of the largest Native writers rooms in television history, the fact that the show is premiering on Earth Day is an exceptional bonus. So with that said, we are all in and you can join all of us in watching!

— #NativeNerd: ‘Rutherford Falls’ is the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV
— VIDEO Interview with #RutherfordFalls ‘comedy superstars’

Visit cool websites with a lot of Earth Day craft ideas for kids

Screen capture: Happy Toddler Playtime

I scoured the web for a bunch of Earth Day craft ideas and found a few cool ones. From clay and sandcastles to painted handprint earth designs, these websites have great ideas. Here are three:

Check out “No More Pipeline Blues” and the “Honor the Earth” YouTube channel.

On Earth Day, Rock the Cause Records will release “No More Pipeline Blues (On this Land Where We Belong).” The song was produced and composed by folk singer and activist Larry Long.

The video features Waubanewquay, Winona LaDuke, Day Sisters, Mumu Fresh, Pura Fe, Soni Moreno, Jennifer Kreisberg, Indigo Girls, Bonnie Raitt, and poet Joy Harjo., the song will be available on multiple platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube and others.

Visit the Smithsonian Earth Day: Highlights Collection Learning Lab online

Smithsonian Earth Day Highlights Collection (Screen capture)

This is a fascinating site with lots to explore and the Smithsonian has specific things for Earth Day in its highlights collection.

You can also access articles and activities for adults and kids to include the topics of pollution, celebrating Earth Day, sustainability and conservation.

Visit it here: Earth Day: Highlights Collection

Visit a national park on a virtual tour

According to the National Park Service, nearly all 62 U.S. parks offer virtual tours.

Visit the NPS.gov virtual tour page here and gain access to such locations as Dragon’s Mouth Spring, the Grand Canyon, Mammoth Hot Springs, a Mud Volcano and Norris Geyser basin to name a few.

You can also explore the National Parks on Google Arts and Culture on their “The Hidden Worlds of National Parks” site.

Google Arts and Culture's “The Hidden Worlds of National Parks”

Play around on Google Earth

Google Earth

Lauded as the “world’s most detailed globe” if you’ve never been to Google Earth, you have to check it out. Type in your home address, the vacation spot you’ve always wanted to visit or just click and point as a way to appreciate the vastness of this beautiful world we live in.

For fun, you can even Google random things to find on Google Earth, such as scariest images, funny images or weird images. There is so much to explore and in my view, it never gets old.

Check it out at https://www.google.com/earth/

Walk or go outside if possible, or open a window and just look and listen

Take a bit of time to appreciate everything our Mother Earth provides for us. Take time to be thankful and appreciative to have life on this planet and be grateful for the gifts we receive each day.

We are here as guests for the course of our lifetimes, so taking even a few moments to give thanks is honoring our Mother Earth.

What Mother Earth looks like from space in 2012, courtesy of NASA satellite Suomi NPP.

What Mother Earth looks like from space in 2012, courtesy of NASA satellite Suomi NPP.

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