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What a difference a week makes, huh?

This time last week, most sports were considering moving forward with their respective seasons without fans in attendance. A few short days later, the sports world as a whole came to a complete halt.

Now the NBA is hoping for a mid- to late-June return. The Masters might be pushed back to October. UFC fights are being suspended. Baseball’s opening day is postponed. Hockey is on hiatus.

It’s only a matter of time before a decision must be made on the Olympics but at this point, I have little confidence the International Olympic Committee will go through with it.

When news of COVID-19 first started making international headlines, I never would have thought we’d get to this point, it’s crazy!

What a time to be alive.

I was looking forward to this week’s column to be a final reminder for everyone to fill out their March Madness brackets before the first games would have begun Thursday morning.

Instead, we have “March Sadness.”

The world without sports has hit me hard a few times in the last week but did so again yesterday. Through the “memory” function of their app, Snapchat showed me a video I took two years ago of the University of Michigan beating the University of Houston on a last second 3-pointer.

(Video of the shot from a tweet I found.)

That same tournament, just the night before in fact, March 16, 2018, sports fans witnessed history when the University of Maryland, Baltimore County defeated the University of Virginia. The first time ever in the history of the tournament a 16-seed beat a 1-seed.

Who knows what history we could have witnessed this year. Each tournament provides storylines that are unique to that year and something unexpected is guaranteed to happen.

Again, what a time to be alive.

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Thankfully, the sports gods threw us a bone to temporarily fill our insatiable thirst for sports news with the NFL free agency period.

Twitter had a field day with the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals trade, with Houston shipping arguably their best player in Deandre Hopkins to Arizona for David Johnson and some draft picks.

I mean, when Madden won’t even allow your trade to go through, that’s pretty bad. Also, if that trade were made in fantasy football, your fellow league members would be sure to throw a fit. So it’s safe to say, Texans head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien deserves all the flack he is getting.

Although, as one sports reporter I follow on Twitter put it, he really didn’t quite receive the amount of criticism she expected thanks to the announcement by Tom Brady that he would not be returning to play for the New England Patriots.

After 20 years as the quarterback for the Patriots, all reports are saying Brady will most likely be heading to Tampa Bay which I never thought I’d say, hear or type in a million years.

The NFC South isn’t the cakewalk the AFC East has been for him over the course of his career.

I guess change is truly the only consistent thing in life.

While there may be no sports on TV, they still find a way to give us something to talk about. So for that, thank you sports gods.

In the meantime, keep that social distancing going and practicing clean habits. Stay safe and healthy everyone. This, too, shall pass!

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Kolby KickingWoman, Blackfeet/Gros Ventre is a reporter/producer for Indian Country Today. He is from the great state of Montana and currently reports and lives in Washington, D.C. Follow him on Twitter - @KDKW_406. Email -

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