'Urban NDNS' take over Manhattan

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American Indian Community House presents 'Urban NDNS,' part of their 50th Anniversary Series

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American Indian Community House

Carnegie Hall has hosted some of the greatest music legends of our time. 

On April 11 2019, Carnegie Hall’s “Migrations: The Making of America” festival will make history as it highlights the Native American/First Nations/Indigenous community of New York City with the festival’s “Urban NDNS” concert event.

Urban NDNs event
(Image: American Indian Community House)

New York City is home to the largest populations of inter-tribal Native American, First Nations, and Indigenous individuals out of any urban city across the United States. Some are born in the city with family roots in New York and the area's surrounding Nations that go back for generations. Others coming to New York City to find what they couldn't find anywhere else. All contributing to the rich and diverse culture that is the New York City "Urban NDNS" community.  

The event is produced by New York’s legendary American Indian Community House (AICH) and is a celebration of the arts, music, and culture of the many nations that call the American Indian Community House. The American Indian Community House has been serving the New York City Native American/First Nations community since 1969 and is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year. 

Sheldon Raymore_RESIZED
Award-winning Lakota multidisciplinary artist Sheldon Raymore, Cheyenne River Sioux, is one of the many exciting performers performing at the Urban NDNS event.(Photo: Dennis Cahlo, courtesy Tony Enos)

A celebration of legacy and resilience, the most amazing artists of the New York City Native American/First Nations community will grace the “Urban NDNS” stage including Grammy Award winner Ty Defoe (Oneida/Ojibwa), Broadway actress and singer/songwriter Joan Henry (Cherokee/Apache/Arawaka), Award-winning Lakota multidisciplinary artist Sheldon Raymore (Cheyenne River Sioux), and more. The event's emcee will be 2018 Native American Music Award Nominee Tony Enos (Cherokee), and will be held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture’s magnificent concert hall. 

The New York Society for Ethical Culture, co-sponsor of the “Urban NDNS” concert event, has been a long time community partner of American Indian Community House, even hosting a number of American Indian Community House’s popular monthly socials. The Society’s loyalty speaks volumes to the importance of partnership, allyship, and the urgent call to action for those non-profits and community-based organizations of privilege possessing creative capital to hold space, and create access for marginalized communities, as well as lifting up their voices and narratives. 

“The American Indian Community House is pleased to partner with Carnegie Hall’s “Migrations: The Making of America” Festival and the New York Society for Ethical Culture on this exciting event,” says Curtis Harris-Davia, Executive Director at the American Indian Community House. “Native people have been creating our own stories on this island for millennia and the performances will continue to highlight our own self-determination as urban Native Americans/First Nations peoples. We continue to honor the legacy of the past and lay the foundations of our future.” 

Tickets for the “Urban NDNS” concert event on April 11th, 2019, 8 pm, at the New York Society for Ethical Culture’s Concert Hall are available now at www.aich.org.