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ICT and The Morning Star Institute

ICT and The Morning Star Institute announced their partnership on a Wednesday broadcast, "Our Visions: The Next 500 Years - 30 Years & Counting," a panel conversation taking place during Native American Heritage Month, over what is known as the Thanksgiving holiday. 

This broadcast will include a panel of participants from a 1992 effort that decided to host an event to talk with each other, not about Columbus or the past 500 years, but who would attempt to envision the next 500 years and share prophecies and instructions on being in this world. The outcome of this convening was the Statement of Vision Toward the Next 500 Years.

Watch the event below or on ICT's YouTube or Vimeo

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The Statement of Vision Toward the Next 500 Years was the collective work of Oren Lyons and Suzan Shown Harjo, as co-chairs; Jodi Archambault, as coordinator; and Marcus Amerman, James Anaya, Cecil Antone, Thomas Banyacya, David Bradley, Walt Bresette, Kara Briggs, Sally Carufel-Williams, Mildred Cleghorn, Barry Coffin, Benito Concha, Taos Cacique Pete Concha, Carol Craig, Billy Cypress, Vine Deloria, Jr., Heid E. Erdrich, Bob Haozous, Joy Harjo, Marita Hinds, Allan Houser, Stephen Roe Lewis, Gloria Lomahaftewa, Arlene Loretto, Vince Lujan, N. Scott Momaday, George Morrison, Allen V. Pinkham, Sr., Thomas Porter, Marla Red Corn, Lois J. Risling, Mateo Romero, Lonnie Selam, George Sutton, Mark Swazo-Hinds, Jesse Taken Alive, Valerie Taliman, Robert W. Trepp, Emmett White, Alex White Plume, Rick Williams, Susan M. Williams and all the other 100 Native wisdomkeepers, artists and writers who gathered for four days in October 1992 and never talked about Columbus.

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