Métis Nation to host a conversation on minorities in Canada

Pictured: The Métis Nation flag.(Photo: metisnation.ca)

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"Minorities in Canada – Coming Together" event takes place in Ottawa November 19-20

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Métis National Council

The Métis National Council (MNC) is proud to unveil details about a national conference that will bring together a range of diverse Canadian voices. "Minorities in Canada – Coming Together" will be hosted by the Métis Nation and is the first of its kind in Canada.

"We are always looking for ways to showcase the history of the Métis Nation and the rich heritage and contributions of Métis People in the development of this country," said Métis National Council Vice-President and official spokesperson, David Chartrand. "I look forward to being able to share that with new Canadians and to also learn about their experiences weaving into the country's social fabric."

The conference is a two-day event featuring a broad range of dynamic speakers including academics, published authors and leaders from a variety of visible minority communities. It will speak to the well-being of minorities and how Canadians, especially those from racialized and marginalized communities, including the Métis, can be embraced in a conversation about how to better access human rights, education opportunities and economic prosperity.

Métis Nation "Minorities in Canada – Coming Together" takes place November 19-20.
Métis Nation "Minorities in Canada – Coming Together"(Image: Métis National Council)

"Our great leader Louis Riel was a champion of a people who were considered a minority and who faced numerous obstacles when it came to defend the rights of Métis Citizens," added Vice-President Chartrand. "I look forward to sharing that experience and history with new Canadians to help them draw upon our experience as they work to find their own place in Canada. We too can learn from new Canadians who have found prosperity in a country we all call home".

A number of topics will be explored including migration, human rights, as well as Canada's anti-racism strategy. The conference will also delve into Métis specific issues including identity, place and appropriation.

Minorities in Canada – Coming Together takes place November 19-20 at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Ballroom, in Ottawa, Ontario.

A full schedule and a list of speakers are attached. CPAC will be broadcasting the event live on Tuesday, November 19 (https://www.cpac.ca/en/).

All media are invited to attend. Interviews with speakers can be scheduled before and during the conference. We ask that you register by going online at the link below.


Agenda: https://www.metisnation.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Conference-Agenda-Minorities-in-Canada-Coming-Together-.pdf

List of speakers: http://www.metisnation.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/BIOS-SPEAKERS-NOV-14-for-press-release-1.pdf

The MNC represents the Métis Nation in Canada at the national and international levels. The Métis Nation's homeland includes the 3 Prairie Provinces and extends into the contiguous parts of British Columbia, Ontario, the Northwest Territories and the United States. There are approximately 400,000 Métis Nation citizens in Canada, roughly a quarter of all Aboriginal peoples in the country.

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