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Racing Magpie

Vi Waln (Sicangu Lakota) and Geraldine Goes In Center (Oglala Lakota) are leading the March sessions of Racing Magpie's Winter Camp, presented in a virtual setting. These sessions will focus on Lakota food knowledge, and they are concluding the first season of the Winter Camp events. These three sessions cap an incredible virtual season of programming that centered the knowledge of twenty-five Lakota and Dakota artists and culture bearers and provided access to twenty-one educational sessions.

This month, Waln will be presenting a youth session entitled "You really ARE what you eat" geared towards Lakota youth ages 13-19. This workshop will take place at 5:30pm on Wednesday, March 24, and participants will need to pre-register to receive the Zoom link.

On Saturday, March 27th at noon, Waln will also present "Food and Plans as Medicine" geared towards a general audience of all ages. The final event for the season will be Geraldine Goes In Center's session called "History of Lakota Food and Diet" on Sunday, March 28th at noon. Interested community members can join either event by preregistering for the Zoom call or finding the livestream on Facebook.

Pictured: A flyer of Racing Magpie's final Winter Camp events in March 2021.

Pictured: A flyer of Racing Magpie's final Winter Camp events in March 2021.

These engaging events are designed to center Lakota voices and cultural knowledge, build understanding, and deepen knowledge and trust about art, culture, and community. Participation is free, and registration can be found at Racing Magpie's Facebook page and website -

The Winter Camp program reimagines the Lakota model of problem solving and community building in today’s world by examining the deeper reasons why Lakota people do things the way they do and why they interact with the universe around them. In partnership with various individuals and groups, we hold monthly community gatherings that will include combinations of workshops, presentations, readings, exhibits, and other cross-sector and holistic learning opportunities at Racing Magpie or in a virtual setting.

These events will function under Lakota cultural goals of sharing, cultural vitality, and community building, with at least one monthly activity geared towards youth participants and one towards a general audience. Events will be free to the public with limited space available and will target Lakota community members as both presenters and attendees. For the foreseeable future, the events will be shown virtually through Zoom and/or Facebook Live for maximum safety and accessibility. Support for the Winter Camp program is generously provided through a grant from the South Dakota Humanities Council, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, The Bush Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Racing Magpie features a contemporary Native gallery, affordable artist studios, and active community programming. Their mission is to support creative and innovative projects by Native artists; they believe this support builds bridges, strengthens communities and creates opportunities for social and racial divides to shrink.

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