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Indigenous Hip Hop artists from the United States and Canada are getting their very own awards show in 2020.

A press release about the convention and awards show touts the 2020 Indigenous Hip Hop Awards as a first of its kind event in which “artists and enthusiasts from all areas of the Indigenous Hip Hop world will come together to recognize outstanding achievements of Indigenous hip hop performance artists and will feature “glittering awards and memorable performances from some of the best Indigenous Hip Hop performances from around the world.”

The Indigenous Hip Hop Awards will be hosted by the Native hip hop group, Mike, Bone. The two-member duo Lil Mike and FunnyBone from Oklahoma are known for the best-selling single Do the Rain Dance and were featured on America’s Got Talent in 2013.

“We are honored to be part of this history-making event,” said Lil Mike. “We are looking forward to showcasing all the amazing talent coming out of the Indigenous Hip Hop world,” said FunnyBone.

In addition to the awards show, the two-day event will also host an Indigenous Hip Hop Urban Trade-Show & Convention and Indigenous Hip Hop Formal Ball on June 19 and the Indigenous Hip Hop Red Hollywood Carpet Fan Fare and Indigenous Hip Hop Awards Show on June 20.

According to their release, the urban trade show will feature rappers, singers, deejays, record labels, clothing companies, designers, filmmakers, and audio companies, among others. Fans and professionals will have the chance to network, listen to new music and expand their circle.

“This will be a highlight of the musical year in Winnipeg and in the Hip Hop world. We look forward to the establishment of fruitful relationships beginning here and helping evolve Indigenous Hip Hop artists even further,” said Chris Sharpe, marketing director of the International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards.

Indig Music HH Awards

In an email to Indian Country Today, Lil Mike and FunnyBone say that Indigenous Hip Hop is making a bit of an impact on the internet, but say that most people don’t search for other options in music other than what is promoted by big industry. “We do think it is getting better,” wrote Lil Mike.

They also say collectively that they are honored to have been chosen, but that the full impact hasn’t hit them.

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Overall, they are looking forward to great things connected to the first-of-it’s-kind Indigenous Hip Hop Awards in 2020.

“Focus on yourself, keep improving & remember, nothing grows without rain & the storm doesn't last forever. DONT STRESS, DO YOUR BEST, & LET THE CREATOR HANDLE THE REST,” they wrote in the email.

Thus far, artists already confirmed to perform include: Miss Christie Lee, Kasp, and Jon C. More announcements will be coming soon.

How to Submit

The International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards Show submissions are now open for Canadian or American Indigenous citizens - Native American Inuit, First Nation, Métis solo/duo/group rappers, spoken word artists, writers, video producers, being the creative force behind the group label and/or designer in fashion, deejays, R&B singers, reggae artists, break dancers/crews, painters/graffiti arts, music video producer/directors and music producers & more.

Visit to submit today.

For tickets and more information, please visit

Passes start at $15.00.

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