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The Cave Collective and Racing Magpie are partnering to present Amplify Black Hills: A Livestream Arts and Music Festival, featuring a free live stream of visual artists working in a variety of mediums curated by Racing Magpie and musical performances hosted by The Cave Collective. The event will be livestreamed on Saturday, June 27th, 2020, from Noon to 6 p.m. Mountain Time, and the concert will happen from 5:30-6 p.m.

Amplify Black Hills concert flyer

Livestreamed Event - The musical lineup features Cante Heart and Travis Harden, DUCKSOUP, Dewey Lynore, Davidica Littlespottedhorse, Alex Fire Thunder, Anna Robins and The Wake Singers. Also spotlighted will be visual art presentations from Tasha Abourezk (textiles), Galen Laroche (photography), Dawnee LeBeau (photography and more), Molina Jo Parker (beadwork, jewelry, and more), Wade Patton (painting, drawing, beadwork), Pejuta Press, Jay Pond (sculpture), Focus Smith (graffiti and more), Julia Sparks, and Gene Swallow (dollmaking). The final lineup will be listed on Facebook.

The Wake Singers Social Distancing Live Concert - The show will take place outdoors at Racing Magpie (406 5th Street, Rapid City), and will be following CDC recommendations for social distancing. We ask all attendees wear masks, not only for your safety but out of consideration to others that may be immunocompromised and unable to attend, or feel unsafe attending other live events that are resuming in the area. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided. The show will only last 30 minutes, so please use the bathroom before you arrive and bring your own beverage and seating if you wish. 

Tickets are PRE SALE ONLY through Eventbrite and are limited to account for social distancing. They are available in two types: Fourteen individual tickets are available at $10. These individual spaces are distanced 6 feet apart and will be clearly marked. Six group spaces available for $40, each space can accommodate up to 6 guests for those quarantining together.

Artistic expression is both a cure for isolation and a weapon against oppression, and we look forward to coming together to amplify the powerful voices that call this region home. 

The Cave Collective is an all-ages community space dedicated to bringing about societal change in the Black Hills region through cultural engagement in a safe and sober environment. We believe that communities become stronger when the artists that call those communities home have a platform from which they can tell their stories on their own terms, and where the audience can directly relate to those stories being told and begin to rewrite the stories they tell themselves about themselves.

Racing Magpie is a creative environment that features a contemporary Native gallery, affordable artist studios, and community programming. Their mission is to support creative and innovative projects by Native artists; they believe this support builds bridges, strengthens communities, and creates opportunities for social and racial divides to shrink.

The Wake Singers: Rock and Roll from Red Shirt Table. Micheal Two Bulls, Douglas Two Bulls, Reed Two Bulls, Samson Ptacek, Daniel Carroll.

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