The American West: Music video

Tim Romero

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month with the release of my music video of Dr. Gloria L. Velásquez singing "The American West", a song that she wrote about embracing her Diné identity. The powerful lyrics blend with stunning visuals and flute to provide a cultural perspective to peace, spirituality, and love of the land while raising awareness of the historical trauma of the native population who make up more than the recent labels as being "something else."

Drunken Indians
on Reservation gutters
lost souls like my own father.
Drunken Indians on Reservation gutters
still caring about life or death.

Father, oh Father
Where have you gone
and left me alone to die?
The red clay earth
she swallows me
like a fearless angry God.
The red clay earth
she swallows me as
I shed my Diné tears.

Repeat Chorus:
Tourists fill the Trading Posts
in search of expensive
handmade silver jewelry
by Indians on the Reservation.

Repeat Chorus:
Dead Indians
Invisible Indians
on the Reservation.
Hollywood Indians
Made in the U.S.A.

New Chorus (Repeat twice)
Father, Oh Father,
Where have you gone?
Father, Oh Father,
Why have you gone?
The Great Spirit calls me forth.

by Gloria L. Velásquez. January 19, 1999, based on "The American West" poem on May 22, 1998, while in the land of my Diné ancestors, Kin tah, AZ.