Loren Anthony walked off the set of an Adam Sandler movie in 2015. He was defending elders and Native people who worked in the film industry. Critics warned that actors who walked off would not work again.

That was 27 films ago.

Anthony is a Dine’ actor, musician, bodybuilder and youth advocate that also dedicates his life to helping elders. He is blazing a serious trail in the industry as a true representative of #NativeIn2019.

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Anthony provided details of his life and outreach to his community to Indian Country Today.

Anthony hails and is bound by blood to the Chuska Mountains of the Navajo Nation.

In addition to acting, and voicework in such projects as Red Dead Redemption, Anthony is an artist, musician, motivational speaker, health educator and a professional mentor that works closely with at-risk youth.

He served McKinley county under the Juvenile Substance Abuse Crisis Center for over eight years where hundreds of thousands of New Mexico's youth had taken on gateways of positive lifestyles, diverting from the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

Anthony dedicates his time to elders with "Chizh for Cheii" which translates Wood for Grandpa in the Navajo language. In the past four years, over 350 loads of firewood have been provided to keep the elderly warm during the winter. In the New Mexico winter seasons, Anthony personally provides hot meals weekly to needy relatives on the streets of Gallup.

As Antony told Indian Country Today, “#Nativein2019 to me is to have Natives in 2941 to proudly claim me. To inspire and motivate rising warriors to make a positive impact in the world around them.”

Tó stoozí dęę naashá Ádóone’e nishłinígíí’éí Naaneesht’ézhi nishłį Má’ii deeshgiizhiníí bashishchíín Áshįįhí dashicheíí Tł’ááshchí’í dashinálí ‘Ákót’égo diné nishłį 

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Loren Anthony was also the subject of another Indian Country Today article titled: 

It's time for a Native Marvel movie: 10 existing Native Marvel heroes and 10 Native actors to play them 

Loren Anthony could play the Native Marvel superhero Puma. 

Loren Anthony could play the Native Marvel superhero Puma. 

About Native American Heritage Month and Native American Heritage Day

President George H.W. Bush signed a joint resolution in 1990 designating November as Native American Heritage Month. Each year the president has proclaimed the day after Thanksgiving as Native American Heritage Day. 

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