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Shayz Primeaux on Facebook recently posted a video of her niece Jayda, along with her cousins, taking part in the latest internet hashtag movement, titled the #DontRushChallenge.

In the #DontRushChallenge, girls take turns in a video showing their before and after sides of a makeover, split up between placing a makeup brush into the lens of a camera, which forms the transition.

Other challenges use other items put into the lens of the camera to create the transition,  but many use makeup brushes.

In this case, Primeaux, a cashier at Fort Belknap Casino who lives in Montana, wanted to help her niece create the video. 

She posted on Facebook:

"My niece Jayda seen her auntie Tanisha do a video like this and wanted to do one as well...we asked her cousins if they wanted to help her make one and they all agreed ... Thanks to her cousins for being a part of this! We hope you enjoy, Jayda had so much fun with this video!"

The video also contains a powwow song by Blackstone with the Bearhead sisters.

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In a Facebook message, Primeaux told Indian Country Today, "My niece Jayda comes from the Dinè Nation/Dakota Sioux and The Aaniih Tribe. She's been home due to the COVID-19: Quarantine lockdown & has been keeping herself busy with school work and different activities." 

"She came across a video of her auntie Tanisha and few other ladies doing the #DontRushChallenge and she thought it was so cool and wanted to make one. She talked to her mom and me. We got together and reached out to a few of her little cousins. Jayda is from Fort Belknap, MT (cousins from Shiprock NM, Rockyboy MT, Piapot SASK CAN & down to Phoenix AZ, They are all from The Dinè Nation & Cree Tribe(s)," she wrote.

"They just wanted to have fun and make people smile and show their cultural side as they are all powwow dancers! We never expected it to be this huge. They want to remind everyone to be safe, stay home, smile and wash your hands!"

Since being posted on April 2nd, the video has been viewed nearly fifty-thousand times.

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