Tribal media fellowship at Indian Country Today

Mark Trahant

Spend 1 to 3 months working in Washington

Indian Country Today Media Fellowship

Are you looking for a chance to improve your skills and expand your world? Indian Country Today has a new fellowship for journalists to join our staff from one to three months. We are looking for editors, reporters and producers who now work for tribal media (radio stations, video stations or programs, newspapers, or magazines). The idea is you will work for us for a few weeks and your stories would be posted by Indian Country Today (as well as your tribal media outlet). The idea is to gain experience in Washington, reporting first-hand about how public policy is developed and how it impacts a tribal community. Then you will return to your regular job with new contacts and skills.

Fellows will receive a stipend, including roundtrip airfare to Washington.

To apply write a letter of inquiry. Tell us what you would propose to do with your time in D.C. It could be a project, but it could also be a exploration of Congress, a federal agency, or covering one of the many tribal organizations in the federal capital. Send your inquiry to Mark Trahant, editor, Indian Country Today, 1516 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005 or email We will begin considering candidates on Aug. 31, 2018. This will be a rotating fellowship so applications will be regularly reviewed.

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Is it an International fellowship, I mean all countries are eligible or not?


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