RFP # 207ADM1-GRW:   Grant Researcher and Writer-Klamath Tribes Administration Department


RFP # 207ADM1-GRW: Grant Researcher and Writer-Klamath Tribes Administration Department

Grant Researcher and Writer

Klamath Tribes Administration Department


Closing date for RFP to be submitted: by 4 P.M. 09/21/2020

For a copy of the full RFP, Contact Jana DeGarmo or log onto klamathtribes.org under job/bids.

Email: jana.degarmo@klamathtribes.com

Telephone: 541-783-2219, ext. 155

PO Box 436, Chiloquin, OR 97624-0436


The primary function of the Grant Researcher and Writer (GRW) is to research available grant sources for Tribal Administration departments and programs. The consultant will work independently in researching grants that would provide new opportunities that address the needs of the Klamath Tribes and its members. Work would require initiative, creativity, and punctuality in identifying grant sources to produce timely proposals. Proposals will need to be grammatically correct and avoid plagiarism. Work would be conducted under a multi-year contract with the Tribes.