Request for Proposals 20-21-18:  General Legal Services   OVCDC Legal Services


Request for Proposals 20-21-18: General Legal Services OVCDC Legal Services

Request for Proposals 20-21-18

OVCDC Legal Services

Owens Valley Career Development Center is seeking proposals from responsible qualified Attorneys and Law Firms with Tribal Law experience licensed to practice in the State of California and Federal Courts to provide general legal services. This project will be funded entirely with Government Grant funds not to exceed $85,000.00/yr.

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Bids will be received by OVCDC until 5:00 pm, PST, August 7, 2020 at the office of OVCDC Finance, P.O. Box 847, Bishop, CA 93515 or 2574 Diaz Lane, Bishop, CA 93514. Electronic submission preferred to hard copy. Email and Phone (760) 873-5107 Ext 275 with questions