Request for Proposal:   Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan Permanent Supportive Housing Apartment Complex Architectural and Engineering Design Services


Request for Proposal: Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan Permanent Supportive Housing Apartment Complex Architectural and Engineering Design Services

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan Permanent Supportive Housing Apartment Complex Architectural and Engineering Design Services

6870 E. Broadway

Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Request for Proposal

Terms and Conditions

Issue Date: August 31, 2020

Proposal Due Date: September 30, 2020


Rosalie Maloney, Housing Manager

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan

2451 Nish Na Be Anong Rd.,

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

(989) 775-4581

Tom Kequom, Construction Project Manager

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan

(989) 775-4070

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan Housing Department (SCHD), an entity of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan proposes to plan and construct a mixed use 16 unit apartment complex on the Isabella Reservation located in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. The complex will offer 16 affordable rental units: 6 one-bedroom units, 8 two-bedrooms units, and 2 three-bedroom units. The complex also includes office space for supportive services, community laundry, community kitchen, conference rooms, and public restrooms. We are requesting proposals from firms to provide architectural and engineering design for the project. SCHD intends to select an Architectural and Engineering firm (hereafter referred to as the “Design Firm”) utilizing a conventional design-build delivery method to complete the following: Design and development, construction documents, bidding and negotiation, construction administration, and project closeout.

1. General Terms

a. Any and all costs incurred by the bidder in preparation and delivery of the submission or in anticipation of receiving a contract from Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Housing Department (SCHD), a division of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan (SCIT), are those of the bidder and will not be reimbursed.

b. Submissions will not be accepted after the closing date/time. Modifications/additions to the submission will not be accepted after the closing date/time, except as may be negotiated.

c. SCHD reserves the right to reject any and all submissions without explanation, either in whole or in part; to waive informalities and/or negotiate separately in any matter whenever it is deemed in the sole opinion of SCHD to be in its best interest.

d. SCHD also reserves the right to determine whether a submission provides satisfactory support of the statements indicated by the bidder. Lack of complete statements or insufficient descriptions may be cause to find a submission non-responsive and may result in rejection of the submission. SCHD reserves the right to request clarification and/or oral presentations of the submissions from bidders.

e. All questions regarding the Request for Proposal (RFP) shall be submitted to the Housing Manager in writing on the provided Request for Information (RFI). Answers to questions that change or substantially clarify the RFP will be provided, in writing, to all prospective bidders. SCHD is not bound by any oral communications.

f. The Design Firm shall adhere to SCHD General Conditions and insurance requirements as provided in the awarded contract.

g. This project is grant funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Indian Housing Block Grant. The SCHD as a HUD grantee and the Design Firm shall adhere to all relevant federal regulations HUD Terms and Conditions (Attachment A) as provided in awarded contract. All subcontractors will be required to adhere to Davis-Bacon wage reporting requirements. Other federal requirements can be found at 24 CFR Part 1000 and 24 CFR Part 85.

2. The bidder is to provide their proposal as an electronic file. Proposals are to be submitted by email up until the closing due date and time. Once approved, an agreement will be returned to the successful bidder. Sign and date copy before returning for consideration.

3. Attachments

A. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Terms and Conditions

B. Project Background and Objectives

C. Scope of Work

D. Bid Proposal Requirements

E. Request for Information Form

4. Schedule

a. The SCHD Manager expects to adhere to the following schedule:

i. All proposals received by SCHD September 30, 2020

ii. Selection completed October 15, 2020

iii. Formal Agreement signed November 16, 2020

iv. Project to begin November 23, 2020

5. Questions and Submission

All questions regarding the proposal, submission of proposal, or scope of work should be directed to Rosalie Maloney, SCHD Manager, (989) 775- 4581 or on the included Request for Information Form.

6. Proposal

Requirements for your bid shall be found on the Bid Proposal Form attachment E. The final selection will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

a. Final Cost

b. Proposed Timeframe with a Rigid Schedule

c. Previous Experience & three (3) written Recommendations

d. Native Preference shall be a consideration.

7. Additional Considerations

a. Better Business Bureau Rating

b. Not on Federal Governments Debarred List

c. Examples of similarly completed projects, format should be digital files, and only include enough material to be illustrative of former projects

d. Native Preference shall be a consideration.

e. Small, woman, minority and service disabled veteran-owned business, if yes, provide documentation.

8. Governing Law

The governing law for the Contract shall be the laws of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan. The Design Firm agrees that all disputes, actions and claims arising from this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court and the Design Firm consents to the personal jurisdiction of the Tribal Court. The Design Firm further consents to enforcement of any judgment of the Tribal Court in any state court of applicable jurisdiction.

Attachment A

Link to HUD Terms and Conditions

To access the Terms and Conditions under which SCHD is bound to under the HUD award, under the 2020 NOFA’s, click on “General Administration Requirements and Terms for FY20 HUD financial assistance awards.” Please note that as a Design Firm, all terms and conditions through which SCHD is bound will apply to the Design Firm should an award of bid be made to your firm, as applicable to services rendered. OMB Cost Principles 2 CFR §200.210(b)(2).

· Non discrimination

· Compliance with fair housing and civil rights

· Affirmative furthering fair housing

· Economic Opportunities for Low and Very-low Income persons (Section 3)

· Improving access to services for persons with limited English proficiency

· Accessible technology

· Equal access requirements

· Affordable moderate design

· Ensuring participation of small disadvantaged businesses and women-owned businesses

· Real property acquisition and relocation

· Participation in HUD-sponsored program evaluation

· Drug-free work place

· Safeguarding resident/client files

· Persons with disabilities

· Ethical standards/Code of conduct

· Eminent Domain

Attachment B

Project Background and Objectives

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan Housing Department is excited to plan and execute a new sixteen (16) unit housing unit in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Funded by a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant, the sixteen (16) unit complex will include two (2), three (3) bedroom units of 750 square feet each; Eight (8), two (2) bedroom units of 650 square feet each, and six (6), one (1) bedroom units of 500 square feet each. With all other spaces included in the complex, including offices for supportive services, conference rooms for community meetings, technology and mechanical closets, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) bathrooms, and on site laundry rooms, the total square footage in conceptual design documents (available at put link here), the total square footage of the lower floor is 15,000 square foot and the upper floor is a total of 4,800 square feet based on preliminary designs. The Permanent Supportive Housing unit will be a multi-family unit facility.

Included in the conceptual designs for the unit itself are outside spaces for the use of tenants and their families. The original conceptual design has incorporated within it a small playground, a large stone fire pit with brick pavers, an outside basketball court, and a 32 space parking lot.

The completed project is envisioned to provide families and individuals with safe, affordable housing and assistance in recovery from substance use disorders.

The project is intended to begin upon an awarded contract with the Architectural and Engineering Design Firm with an anticipated start date of November 15, 2020 for said contract.

Attachment C

Scope of Work

The Architectural and Engineering Design Firm will be contracted by Saginaw Chippewa Housing Department to perform architectural and engineering services including but not limited to the following:


· Analyze site locations with respect to utility access and capacity

· Develop schematic design options including preliminary budget estimates so Owner can select the site location for the next design phase.


· Per selected schematic design phase selection complete the following

· Participate in presentations of selected schematic design first with project team and then with the Tribal Council

· Turn-key project design utilizing IBC 2009 and SCIT building codes

· Civil, Site, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Utility Entrances, Low Voltage, Surveillance, Signage, Landscaping, and Irrigation system designs

· Interior design plans, furniture, fixtures, equipment, finishes, including lighting

· Purchase FF & E and register all warranties with the manufacturer

· Provide a breakdown of estimate project costs for each area listed above

· Deliverable of full project plans, including both digital AutoCad files, PDFs physical plans and specs, and As-built drawings upon project completion

· Deliverable of full project design, including all FFE and building material specification documents for owner appraisal

· Prior to release of bids for construction provide Owner with updated budget estimates.


· Assist the owner in the construction bidding/contracting process

· Distribute bid documents to selected contractors

· Respond to any questions from contractors and provide addendums as needed

· Participate in the review of construction proposals (including bids, references, etc…) and participate in the selection of a general contractor

· Participate in post bid contractor interviews as needed


· Facilitate all necessary zoning, permits, surveys, environmental needs, submittals of shop drawing revisions

· Participate in monthly or bi-weekly team meetings and inspection meetings with the general contractor and owner, travel expenses to attend these meetings should not be included in the proposal

· Issue RFI’s as needed to the subcontractors

· Review pay applications on a monthly basis

· Review negotiation, Administration of Requests for Change


· Develop project punch list in conjunction with Owner, review and monitor progress, and verify completion with General Contractor

· Provide the Owner with three (3) sets of as-built drawings with one (1) electronic copy and assemble three (3) hard copies of O/M manuals and finish material documentation

· All Contractor Warranties

· Preventative Maintenance Outline (day, week, month, year)

· All Contractor contact information

The project must be completed in 24 months. Project Deliverables Schedule:

The work will commence immediately upon execution of a contract. For completion of the preliminary conceptual design phase and budgetary costing 2 months. For the design process and delivery of the final plans and specifications 5 months. The bidding process for a general contractor will take 1 month. Construction of the project will be 14 months.

Attachment D

Bid Proposal Requirements

Architectural and Engineering Firm is required to use the following Bid Proposal Form with the cost breakdowns for final bid submittal, as well as submit the additional documents as outlined below:

1. Presentation letter explaining why your company should be selected.

2. Design Firm Profile including project team resumes.

3. Written Proposal outlining all work to be completed, including:

f. Schematic Design Phase

g. Design Development Phase/Construction Document Phase

h. Bidding and Negotiations Design Phase

i. Construction Administration Phase

j. Project Close-Out

4. Similar project references based on the following factors:

a. Recent, similar projects (within the last 15 years).

b. Previous work experience for SCIT or for other Tribes.

c. Client reference letters.

d. HUD affordable Housing Experience

5. Include portfolio examples of similarly completed projects, format should be no larger than 8 ½ by 11 sheets, and only include enough material to be illustrative of former projects.

6. Project schedule from start to finish, diagram showing proposed phasing plan, and proposed project start/finish date.

7. DUNS and CAGE numbers

8. Better Business Bureau Rating

9. Signed statement stating firm is not on Federal Governments Debarred List

10. Native Preference shall be a consideration

11. Small, woman, minority and service disabled veteran-owned business, if yes, provide documentation.

12. Copies of certificate of liability insurance.

Attachment E

Request for Information

SCHD PSH Project


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