Promotions Manager, Indian Country Today


Accepting applications for new position, deadline May 26, 2020.

Job Summary:
Manage social media for the business-side of Indian Country Today and assist with project management of assignments associated with this rapidly growing news organization. Position is half-time and reports to the Vice President of operations. Works remotely.

Skills Required:

· Proficiency in social media content management and analytics tools

· Excellent communication skills, particularly writing and editing

· Experience in public relations and marketing

· Strong project management skills

· Detail oriented

· Deadline driven

· Ability to work well independently and as a team member

· Experience in event planning and execution is a plus

· Understanding of digital and broadcast news organizations and the audiences they serve is preferred

Assignment duties:

· Write, create schedule and publish social media content for business-side promotional posts and ensure the content is in line with social media best practices

· Help develop a brand marketing plan to ensure that all promotional content is cohesive across all of ICT’s platforms

· Gather and analyze social media data and prepare monthly reports on results

· Monitor and manage the “Press Pool” on

· Coordinate promotions for fundraising

· Manage ICT’s online fundraising page and track activity

· Work closely with the Vice President of operations in managing ICT’s partnerships and grants to ensure that deliverables are met

· Assist in writing news releases

· Develop and maintain an archive system for promotional photos

Job Posting

Indian Country Today is seeking a creative, detail-driven Promotions Manager to handle social media for the business-side and serve as a project manager for a variety of promotions assignments. This is an exciting chance to work remotely for a fast-paced, nonprofit news organization. The position is half-time with the possibility of becoming full-time. Reports to the Vice President of operations.

To apply, email a cover letter, resumé, list of references, and the answers to the four questions below, to Sky Vasquez, vice president of operations, at Application deadline is Monday, May 18. Desired starting date is Tuesday, May 26.


1. Have you managed social media for a business? (Yes or No.) If yes, please describe the nature of that job and elaborate on the kind of posts you created and how often you posted.

2. Have you ever developed a marketing or brand strategy, or executed one that someone else developed? (Yes or No.) If yes, please share an example of the kind of strategy you executed and how you measured its success.

3. Have you ever worked for a news organization? (Yes or No.) If yes, in what capacity? In either case, please share your understanding of a nonprofit news organization and why you think the public should support it.

We’re looking for a team member who is highly organized, can manage a project and complete it on time. Describe your management style and give a concrete example of when you managed a difficult project and met your deadline.

Indian Country Today is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants are considered without regard to age, sex, race, national origin, religion, marital status or physical disability. However, preference may be extended to persons of American Indian or Alaska Native descent descent in accordance with Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (24 USC 450, et. seq.), 25 CFR 271.44, applicable Tribal Employment Rights Ordinances, and other relevant laws.