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Indigenous Student Seminar-August 8 - 12, 2022   Hoover Institution at Stanford University


Indigenous Student Seminar
August 8 - 12, 2022
Hoover Institution at Stanford University

Hoover's Indigenous Student Seminar offers top college students and recent graduates an opportunity to engage with scholars and policy practitioners on the campus of Stanford University.

Part of the Hoover Project on Renewing Indigenous Economies, this seminar celebrates the rich history of entrepreneurship and trade before European contact. It also examines institutional challenges faced by Indigenous leaders who are rebuilding local economies. The goal is to help the next generation develop better tools for self-determination.

Seminar sessions are taught by leading scholars and policy practitioners who focus on federal Indian law, tribal law and governance, and Indigenous entrepreneurship. The seminar’s interactive model is designed to facilitate fact-based critical thinking. Through collaboration and discussion, the program will encourage diverse perspectives and understandings of the challenges faced by Indigenous leaders and community members.

The Indigenous Student Seminar is FREE to all accepted applicants. Program fees, food and lodging will be covered for participants accepted into the program. Travel expenses and other incidentals are not included.

Nominate a student or apply by April 18.