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Executive and Communications Coordinator – Native Public Health Non-Profit-Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

Organization: Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

Job Title: Executive and Communications Coordinator – Native Public Health Non-Profit

Reports To: Executive Director

Salary: $55,000-$65,000 DOE

Classification: Hourly, Non-Exempt

Status: Full Time, Regular w/ benefits

Location: Portland, OR

Job Summary:

The Executive and Communications Coordinator (ECC) position will provide administrative support to the Executive Director, Deputy Director and Health Policy Staff. The ECC assists with coordinating calendars and meetings; assisting with meeting preparation; tracking events and issues; disseminating information through various medias; processing contracts, travel and purchase orders; providing support at various meetings; and managing calendars.

The ECC will work with NPAIHB Delegates, Tribal Health Directors, Tribal Leaders, other national and regional organizations, Federal agencies, States and other partners. While the position is mainly focused on administrative support, this is a great opportunity for a self-starter who wants to learn about, and contribute to, the operations of an area Indian health board, and the Indian health system at the national, regional and State level.

The ideal candidate is customer service-oriented, experienced in providing excellent administrative support, interested in communications, and in developing their writing and speaking skills.

This position will be based in Portland, Oregon and reports to the Executive Director.

Essential Functions

1. Administrative Support Functions

· Provide administrative support to the Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Health Policy Staff, including drafting letters, setting up meetings, managing calendars, and assisting with internal reports, purchase orders, contracts for services, travel and reservations, as requested.

· Provides support to Deputy Director related to planning all Quarterly Board and Tribal Health Director Meetings. Support includes: coordinating site logistics or virtual platform; assisting with developing agendas; drafting presentations; transcribing meeting minutes; finalizing, maintaining and tracking NPAIHB resolutions; and conducting other follow-up activities associated with the meetings, as requested.

· Assist with setting up Board Committee meetings, including preparation for meetings, taking and preparing draft minutes, and follow-up, as requested.

· Assist with preparation for State, regional and national meetings, including agendas and gathering materials for meetings, as assigned.

  • Assist to improve the capabilities and role of the Health Policy Staff in tracking Federal and State health policies, including legislation, regulations and other policies by providing administrative support in tracking Federal or State issues, as assigned.
  • Assist in preparation for State, regional and national meetings. This includes assisting with drafting agendas, developing and maintaining issue tracking lists and following up on assigned issues as needed.

· Assist with document file management and email communications to make sure that Word, Excel, Access and other work product files are transferred to Board’s Network File Server and/or designated cloud platform.

· Make travel arrangements for Executive Director, Deputy Director, Health Policy Staff, Delegates, consultants and presenters as needed.

· Register Executive Director, Deputy Director, Health Policy Staff, Executive Committee, and Delegates for meetings.

· Prepare Purchase Orders and/or work with Purchasing Agent to submit Purchase Orders.

· Work with Contracts Manager to draft/finalize specific Admin/Policy contracts and amendments; work with Purchasing Agent to submit invoices for payment; track invoices and payments; and assist with managing contract, scope of work and deliverables, as requested.

· Assist with the development of grant report to Indian Health Service of Program Operations funds, or other reports, as requested.

· Participate in virtually, or travel to, national, regional, or State meetings to represent NPAIHB, take notes, and report back, as requested.

· Enter data into eMAR system.

· Assist with special projects, as requested.

2. Communications Functions

· Manage and update contact information/database/listservs for NPAIHB Board Members/Delegates and Alternates, including managing resolutions and Tribal appointment letters assigning new Delegates and Alternates to NPAIHB Board.

· Maintain and keep current contact information for Tribal Chairs, Councilmembers, Tribal Health Directors, Tribal Advisory Committee members, Tribal Policy Staff, and Federal and State representatives.

· Prepare electronic calendar invites of Federal, State or organization meetings for Executive Director, Deputy Director, and/or Health Policy Staff; and prepare electronic calendar invites for Tribal Chairs, Delegates and Tribal Health Directors, as requested.

· Work with Communications Team to update NPAIHB organizational and policy webpages, and online calendar of events.

· Work with Deputy Director to finalize and post QBM and THD meeting materials to NPAIHB website or other sites.

· Gather NPAIHB organization-wide events and other policy deadlines for various Constant Contact communications; work with NPAIHB Staff or Health Policy Staff and Communications Staff to finalize and disseminate weekly.

· Ability to review policy information and synthesize for dissemination in Constant Contact or emails.

· Work with Health Policy Staff and Communications Team on social media posting of events, as requested.

· Assist Communications Team with mailing of NPAIHB newsletters or other periodicals.

· Contribute reporting on issues from assigned meetings, tracking ongoing issues, and provide updates on assigned issues at Admin, Staff and Policy meetings.


· Bachelor’s Degree in Native American Studies, Political Science, Public Health or related field with at least two years of experience in an administrative position working with Tribal governments, Tribal organizations or other AI/AN organization; or high school degree with four years of related organization working with Tribal governments, Tribal organizations or other AI/AN serving organization.

· Proficient in Microsoft Office programs: Outlook, Access, Excel, Power Point, and Word.

· Must have experience with organizing, setting up filing systems both electronic and hardcopy.

· Good writing and communication skills essential. Must have ability to write business communication, and simple project reports. Must be able to proofread written materials accurately.

· Must be highly organized and motivated, and have the ability to carry out responsibilities with minimum supervision.

· Must have demonstrated ability to communicate in a friendly, courteous, and highly professional manner.

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