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Deputy Director-Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative (IPCI)

The IPCI is hiring a new Deputy Director!

About IPCI

Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative (IPCI) was created out of an understanding that spiritual reconnection and the therapeutic engagement in ceremony and culture is essential to restoring indigenous community health.The ecological, cultural, and economic realities of taking responsibility for the Peyote sacrament are complex and not always easy.

We are an international collaborative of top leaders in the peyote conservation effort, members of Indigenous peyote communities and their partners. We focus the best of our prayer and thinking and action on the sustainability and indigenous sovereignty of peyote across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. www.IPCI.Life

Mission: Empowering Indigenous communities to conserve, regenerate, and reconnect to their sacred Peyote medicine for spiritual use for generations to come.

Vision: We promote the health, wellbeing, and cultural revitalization of Native communities through reconnection to, sovereign use, and sustainability of the sacred Peyote and the lands on which it grows.

Purpose: IPCI an indigenous led, land-based initiative that directly supports the spiritual, ecological, cultural, economic, and sustainability issues related to the sacred plant medicine, Peyote and its ceremonial uses.

About the Position

IPCI is seeking a full-time Deputy Director working with the initiative Executive Director to support the board and staff. Primary responsibilities are ensuring the functioning of various conservation projects, including on the ground in-situ conservation in South Texas at our spiritual homesite and surrounding ranch lands, regional conservation efforts through-out Indian Country in the United States and Mexico as well as Initiative administration and fundraising.

We are seeking somebody who not only has a familiarity and experience with working intertribally and facilitating complex projects, but also has a basic understanding of natural systems and conservation issues. The new Deputy Director will have some previous nonprofit administrative experience. We have a preference for an indigenous person, one with Native American church affiliations or peyote community ties.

Reporting: IPCI Initiative Co-Director


The primary regions: United States, as well as Canada and Mexico. The position can be housed in South Texas, Mexico or other locations in the United States as long as the Deputy Director is able to travel.

Benefits and Compensation

● $60,000 - $70,000 annual starting salary depending on experience and location

● Free housing - if located in S. Texas

● Relocation expenses

● Healthcare, including vision and dental

● Two weeks paid vacation


● A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a related field; encouraged but not required

● Love for Nature, the environment, the land

● Able to participate in design and creation of new activities and enterprises in collaboration with a diverse team

● Demonstrated leadership ability and able to be a community model for youth

● Physical ability to walk, lift and drive in the South Texas desert

● Able to have good relationships with diverse groups of people

● Able to maintain flexible and positive attitude

● Cultural sensitivity and awareness especially with intertribal activities

● Clean and Sober

● Good communication skills

● Conservation awareness, biology training, nursery background, landscaping or other demonstrated experience working with plants and soil preferred

Roles & responsibility

● Working with the Executive Director to run a biocultural conservation organization for all peyote people which includes multiple strategies including cultural, political, legal, spiritual and ecological.

● Directing conservation activities in South Texas, including managing spiritual and ecological harvest and education

● Lease management relationships with ranchers

● Intertribal education for families and youth

● Maintaining impeccable record keeping

● Oversee the budget

● Manage a small staff of 2 or 3 people

● Support board meetings and other gatherings

● Experience in multicultural work

● Small nonprofit administration experience

● Blog posts and information sharing

● Familiarity with working with diverse stakeholders

● Self motivated

● Deep commitment to conservation and culture

● Supports fundraising efforts

● Track multiple regions and multiple conservation efforts

To apply: Please submit your resume and a cover letter describing your particular interests and how your qualifications make you uniquely able to support the mission of IPCI. We will also be reviewing 2 to 3 recommendations of applicants as well as conducting background checks. Send your information and any questions to info@ipci.Life