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Chief Executive Officer-Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation (CHMF)

The mission of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation (CHMF) is to protect and preserve the culture, tradition, and living heritage of the North American Indians. The centerpiece of its activity is a memorial to Lakota leader Crazy Horse, which is being carved into a mountain on site. The multi-faceted scope of CHMF activities extends well beyond the memorial and includes the Indian Museum of North America as well as the Native American Educational and Cultural Center. CHMF also operates the Indian University of North America in partnership with Black Hills State University and South Dakota State University. CHMF has an annual budget of over $6 million and year-round staff of 70, plus about 55 seasonal employees.

CHMF is seeking a Chief Executive Officer to honor and accomplish the mission and vision of the organization. For more information and to apply: