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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)-Hwal’Bay Ba:J Enterprises, Inc. (dba Grand Canyon Resort Corporation)

Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Salary Range: To be Negotiated

Position Summary:

Implements the vision, philosophy and mission for Hwal’Bay Ba:J Enterprises, Inc. (dba Grand Canyon Resort Corporation) under the sole direction of the Board of Directors. Plans, directs and coordinates the operational activities of the Corporation with the assistance of the COO and CFO. Directs and manages all senior level corporate officers, managers, and directors. Ensures the efficiency, quality and service of operations resulting in maximum profitability and growth. Develops and implements short, mid and long-term strategic plans to maximize revenues and increase the Corporation’s position in the industry. Provides direction and leadership towards achievement of the Corporation’s strategic annual goals and objectives. Reviews operations to evaluate performance of the Corporation and the staff in meeting objectives and to determine potential cost reductions, program improvements or policy changes. Seeks and facilitates new business development in accordance with the strategic plan and current and evolving business trends. In conjunction with the CFO, projects annual revenues and expenses with the guidance and input of the Board of Directors. Recommends an annual budget to the Board of Directors for approval and prudently manages resources within the budget guidelines according to applicable policies, regulations and laws. Supports the interface between the Corporation and the Hualapai Tribal Council when the Tribal Council is acting in its capacity as designated representative of the Corporation’s shareholders. At the direction of the Board of Directors, acts as the corporate liaison with Federal, State and Tribal governmental entities. At the direction of the Board of Directors, functions as the primary corporate spokesperson for media and public relations regarding corporate activities and new product development. Promotes a positive corporate culture through team-building and effective management of human and capital resources. The CEO reports directly and solely to the Board of Directors.

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  1. Bachelors’ Degree in Business, Tourism or a related field required; equivalent experience accepted for education requirement; two years’ equivalent experience will count as one year of college; an MBA is preferred
  2. Prior senior leadership experience with a minimum of 10 years in progressively responsible positions in the hospitality or tourism industry
  3. Excellent oral and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills
  4. Valid Driver’s License, Clear driving record
  5. Clear background check
  6. Prior experience with Native American tribes or business operations desired.
  7. Preference given to Hualapai Tribal members
  8. Must provide at least 3 professional references

Please apply at or send resume to