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Located in the four corners area of the American Southwest, the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) is located within the Navajo Nation – a sprawling area the size of West Virginia. With over 300,000 tribal members, the Navajo Nation has a rich history and culture that include such legendary figures as the Navajo Code Talkers and iconic symbols like turquoise jewelry. The open expanses of this beautiful country offer access to world renowned national parks and sites of historical interest, such as Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly.

Window Rock serves as the seat of government and capital of the Navajo Nation and has over 3,000 residents. A beautiful sandstone window formation serves as the backdrop to this town that swells to a daytime population of nearly 20,000. Unique amenities here include the Navajo Nation Museum, Zoological and Botanical Park, and Code Talkers World War II Memorial.

Why you should join the Navajo Housing Authority team:

• Enjoy a serene location near exceptional recreational and cultural sites.

• Serve under a Board that is committed to excellence and integrity.

• Engage in a fantastic opportunity to rebuild an organization and have far reaching impact for years to come.


Since 1963, NHA has been building sustainable, quality homes to house the under served population of the Navajo Nation. A dedicated staff of 368 personnel work within six departments across 15 field offices to fulfill the organization’s mission – these departments include: Grants Management, Construction Services, Business and Contracting, Property and Supply, Human Resources, and Housing Management. Each year, NHA receives $80 - $90 million in federal grant funding as part of its annual budget, and to date it has spent over $1 billion towards housing projects. NHA currently manages 8,500 housing units, plus an additional 2,000 units funded through sub-recipients.

The Board of Commissioners serves as the legislative body for NHA under the oversight of the Resources Development Committee of the Navajo Nation Council. The organization’s Guiding Principles are People Excellence, Pride in NHA and Dine’ Traditional Values, Customer Service Excellence, Self-Sufficiency, Sustainable Housing and Community Stewardship, and Economic Growth and Financial Stability. The Board stands firmly behind these principles and the new CEO will be expected to champion their successful execution.


The final filing date is Friday, June 11, 2021.

To be considered for this exceptional opportunity, please submit an electronic version of your resume (MUST include month/year dates of employment and approximate staff and budget sizes overseen to receive further consideration), cover letter, and the names of six work-related references (MUST include two each of current or former supervisors, direct reports, and colleagues to receive further consideration) to:

Application materials will be screened by a panel of evaluators, first for meeting the minimum education and experience requirements and second for demonstrating the necessary qualifications as outlined in the next section of this brochure. NHA reserves the right to add supplemental screening steps should the volume of qualifying applicants necessitate such action.

Following all initial screening activities, applicants whose written materials demonstrate all necessary qualifications will be referred to the NHA Board to participate in an interview process. Serving as the next panel of evaluators, the NHA Board will award points for how well the candidates’ verbal responses demonstrate the same necessary qualifications.

The highest scoring candidate will then engage in a background and reference check process and salary/contract negotiations.

To receive Navajo Preference consideration, candidates MUST clearly list their tribal enrollment number at the top of their resume. The Navajo Housing Authority gives preference to eligible and qualified applicants in accordance with the Navajo Preference in Employment Act and Veterans’ Preference.

For more information contact:

Navajo Housing Authority

Human Resources Department

(928) 729-6616



Minimum qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Business or Public Administration, ten years of progressively responsible executive management and leadership experience in the areas of residential housing development, business administration and organizational management; Qualifying experience must be at the Executive level reporting directly to an appointed governing body in a large organization of 300 employees or more; and an annual operating budget of $50 million; five years working directly with Federal agencies at the Washington level and under congressional and local tribal processes strongly desired; five years or more as a Contract Officer managing contracts over 5 million strongly desired; Housing management experience preferred. Additionally, demonstrate ability to perform each of the following essential and basic responsibilities must be shown in application materials.

The CEO:

• Manages and directs the Branch Officers to include: strategic planning and implementation; prioritizing and assigning work with high quality output and productivity; conducting performance evaluations; ensuring staff are trained; ensuring that employees follow policies and procedures, and maintains a healthy and safe working environment; and, making hiring, termination, and disciplinary recommendations.

• Provides direction and guidance to all NHA departments, which may include budget administration, strategic planning, human resources, and/or other related areas; and evaluates performance of assigned NHA departments, program categories and/or services to ensure prompt, efficient and effective service delivery; execute policy and provide recommendations for continued improvement.

• Develops and manages the NHA budget including allocating resources and approving expenditures; guides the effective and proper use of budgeted funds in strict accordance with NHA policies and federal regulations. Ensures the financial health of the Authority to apply for public and private funds and supplement declining operating subsidies and income.

• Provides strategic leadership and direction to the Department Directors and Branch Officers through overseeing the development and administration of policies, procedures, programs, goals and objectives.

• Leads and confers with the Board of Commissions to address the needs of the Authority; prepares recommendations and/or responds to inquiries and requests for information.

• Responsible for maintaining effective and a political relations with the Navajo Nation Executive and Legislative Branches, the general public and Board of Commissioners.


The annual salary range is negotiable and supplemented by a comprehensive benefits program including: 1.) Retirement: Dollar for dollar employer match to a 401(k) account based on years of service, ranging from 2% to 10%. 2.) Health Insurance: Generous medical, dental, and vision insurance plans with a very low employee cost-share for premiums. 3.) Paid Time-Off: Vacation time and Holiday pay annually.