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Yurok tribe wants condors in lower Klamath basin

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MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) – The Yurok Indian tribe is considering reintroducing endangered California condors into the lower Klamath River basin, a move that could bring back a bird not seen in Oregon in more than a century.

The tribe, based in Klamath, Calif., held a two-day summit with state and federal officials as well as condor experts to talk about the chances of returning the world’s largest land bird to Southern Oregon.

The Mail Tribune newspaper in Medford says that, so far, condor populations have been re-established only in Arizona, Southern California and Mexico.

The Klamath River basin would be the most northerly site for the massive birds.

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Shawn St. Michael, who heads the condor-breeding program at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, says chances are good but planning is needed.